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C3 College ALUMNI.

Issue #1.



"One of my more passionate areas of Soteriology is helping people discover the joy in the ‘already/not yet’ of their Salvation. I feel this one area, if understood and personally applied, has a profound impact on how a believer ‘works out their salvation’."


“To onlookers of my life path it possibly looked like madness, however those same three years of college had bent the ear of my heart towards the Creators voice.”



"The more I observe the people I'm working with, the more I realise that the gold is not really present in the form of 'gold nuggets'; it's more 'gold layers'."

Where Are They Now?

"I started to learn about being a songwriter and the necessary skills that I needed to create a song but it wasn’t until I was pushed to my absolute limits in my abilities that I had to learn more important skills that would help me both sustain and succeed in the creative life."