The purpose God has for you is too glorious to go unfulfilled.

Our desire to dream is a gift from God.
This gift enables us to have a vision that guides our existence.
For too many of us though, the dream has been quashed by religious thinking, dismissed by false humility or snuffed out by failure. Although some of us are exhilarated by our dreams (and rightly so), many of us are scared, confused or stressed out as we try to figure out how to make them happen. But the purpose God has for you is too glorious to go unfulfilled.

For each C3 College student, the dream looks different. Studying at our creative arts and bible college in Sydney, Australia (campuses in the Northern Beaches and Western Sydney) might actually be your dream (for now), or it could be a journey of wholly realising what God’s purpose is for your life. Studying with us could be a time to build the skills you need to achieve that dream or maybe you’ll be connected with the very people who will help transition the dream into reality.

On Campus

As a creative arts and bible college in Sydney, Australia, we offer a wide range of excellent courses. 
For the creative who wants to make something brilliant with the gifts God has given them. For the leaders of tomorrow who don't want to wait until tomorrow to make a difference. 



When your schedule or location restricts you but you’re not willing to let it stop you. Our online leadership and theology course is one of our most versatile ways to help make the dream happen. The underlying heartbeat of this course is to help build churches and build people.

This course is brilliant for people who want to study but are restricted by their schedule or location.


For the pastor committed to building healthy, intelligent and capable leaders.

We can help set up a bible college (or internship program) in your church. We can even alleviate most of the administrative burden associated with setting up a bible college as well as provide you with accredited and excellent study material

Whether you're a logical processor, an abstract thinker, or a restless mover; we've created our courses to work for you.

We've got courses to accommodate a wide range of dreams, callings and goals. Whatever your situation (or personality) looks like, we're confident that with our 3 streams (Creative Arts, Leadership & Ministry, Online) and an extensive range of subjects, there is a course just right for you and the dream God has placed inside of your heart.

C3 College operates as a division of C3 Church Sydney Ltd, an ASQA Federally registered training provider (RTO #6292; CRICOS Provider Number 01880K) and students accepted into our courses may also be eligible for Austudy/Youth & Student Allowance and International Student Visas. This is official talk to let you know that the courses we offer are legitimate, accredited and excellent.