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Jack Barnett (aka. Jack Diaz)


Los Angeles, CA

Class of 2010

1st year Music Directing/Worship Leading

2nd-4th year Songwriting

C3 College was life changing! I learned how to fully consecrate my gifts to God and His church. When I graduated college I began attending C3LA where everything I learned had a chance to bloom.

I jumped onto team and served any way I could. When my pastor asked me to run the worship team I was so nervous! Leadership was a muscle I thought I would NEVER use. I wanted so much to be an artist, and for some reason I believed that artistry and ministry were two separate things. But I leaned into God and tried to remember Ryan Smith’s Holy Spirit class as much as possible!


Unfortunately, as I grew in leadership, my creativity began to die. Where once it was a well oiled door into Gods presence, it turned into a locked door, and I was unable to access God the way I used to. Before ministry, my creative freedom was spontaneous. Yet as my life got fuller, the need for intentionality with creative time became essential. Because I wasn’t intentionally setting time aside to be creative with God, I began to actually believe creativity wasn’t for me.

Finally, my pastor confronted me about my mental state. My lack of creativity began to bleed into my leadership and my home life. I expressed that I had stopped writing music all together. She released me from the lie I adopted that creativity was an option and encouraged me to schedule in time to write.

So I did! Since then I’ve seen health in my relationship with God and my marriage. I’ve seen it release leaders in my team to be creative in songwriting. I’ve been a healthier leader in releasing the pressure to perform and be the creative self God designed in me. I’ve seen the impact C3LA Music has had and I am so humbled. I am so grateful to God for leading me to Sydney and C3 College!

Amanda Jones (aka. Amanda Witt)

Director and founder of The Honest Jones, a creative studio specialising in creating One Minute Films for brands.

Attended the School of Creative Arts from 2006 - 2008.

As the great Pam Borrow once said, “dancers; they touch you like no one else can”. This wise sentiment has driven my creative path throughout the last decade of post-SCA life. It’s no secret that as a dance graduate you are pretty much screwed. After three long dark years in the theatre building, I had no job or ministry prospects outside of once a year at Everywoman. So instead I decided to use my new found choreography skills to “dance my way” through my career. While others marched down a straight path to success, I shimmied and high kicked my way through more study, internships and borderline slave labour. To onlookers of my life path, it possibly looked like madness, however those same three years of college had bent the ear of my heart towards the Creators voice. Following His soft wise voice turned my steps into a dance. There is no other answer to the question of how my Adv. Dip in Contemporary Dance set me on the path to where I am today.

College didn’t just teach us things in the traditional sense, it kind of kneaded it into our spirit in a way that never leaves you. For me, it kneaded creativity into my soul and it kneaded the rhythm of the Holy Spirit into my steps. These invaluable traits I have used again and again; from the way I deal with our most difficult clients to the way I make my breakfast. As my young company grows, I have big dreams of bringing this sweet blend of creativity and the Holy Spirit to an industry that desperately needs Him.