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You Never Regret

Our students share why coming to C3 College is something that you’ll never regret.

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"I will always be grateful I came back to finish my second year of college in 2018. This year has been uncomfortable, stretching, at times downright hard but it has also been healing, insightful and a whole lot of fun. I am coming out of this year with a greater understanding of my own strengths, passions and capacity. I have learnt to study the Word at a deeper level and to understand the world around me with more compassion. Ultimately, I am grateful College has taught me some of the complexities of our faith whilst holding fast to the wonderfully paradoxical simplicities of the gospel. This is a lesson I will hold on to for life! What surprised me the most about this year is how much I have loved getting to know my peers - I am inspired by every one of them; they make me hopeful for the future of the Church and I can’t wait to see where in the world they end up! I’ll forever be fond of my time at C3 College."

- @brittauckett, second year leadership & ministry graduate.

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"I never thought I’d ever go to C3 College... I grew up at @c3oxfordfalls and had always heard about it but never really wanted to go. It wasn't until my parents encouraged me to do college that I considered it, and somehow found myself there for my first day. Three years later and I have just graduated third year. I have made some of my greatest friends at college, and I've been able to take so many new steps in my relationship with Jesus while helping others take their next step as well."

- @lord_zacpearson, third year leadership & ministry graduate.

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"Coming to C3 College has never felt more right. Over the past year, I have felt tremendous growth in my walk with God; it has made me love the Word more, understand my identity in Christ, equipped me to be bold and confident in the gifts and talents God has given me. My favourite subject has been New Testament Survey with @katiehaldane; it is so engaging and personal, that each time you sit in class, you feel like you’re experiencing the lives of the actual characters in the Bible. I can’t even imagine how much more growth there will be in the years to come.. I can't wait to come back in 2019!"

- @rox.anne.h, first year vocals graduate.

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"There is no doubt in my mind that I have been forever changed here at C3 College. It has provided me the space and time to uncover some of the deep mysteries and the answers to questions I didn't know how to ask but knew I had to. The relationships I’ve made here are ones that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. I am beyond thankful for the ability to be in the midst of people who speak and live with an incredible amount of wisdom and integrity."

- @_jimmydevries_, first year leadership & ministry graduate.

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"I think fully committing a year of your life to getting closer to God isn’t ever going to happen without growth pains. What I will never regret about my first year of C3 College is going on the journey towards becoming the person God wants me to be, someone who can truly handle the plans he has for me. Reflecting on the year, it hasn’t been easy but my growth has been remarkable and know that even twenty years from now, I will still be glad that I went to college."

- @austinjon_p, first year leadership & ministry graduate.

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"I’m so glad I came to C3 College because I’m constantly in awe of the growth God has led me through this year. I came to college expectant that I would leave feeling equipped and transformed, and this year has exceeded my expectations. I love who I am now, with the knowledge and confidence that the courses here have given me. I'm so grateful for this experience and for everything that God has revealed to me this year. I’ll never regret it!"

- @emilymerrick_, first year leadership & ministry graduate.

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"Choosing to study at C3 College has been one of the best decisions I've made. I have learned a ton about leadership, made amazing connections, and have had some once in a lifetime opportunities. I feel much more equipped, not just with good theology, but with practical experience as well. It sure wasn't an easy journey but I can safely say I don't regret my decision." #youneverregret

- @jakin, third year leadership & ministry graduate.

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"Before I even applied, I felt like God was calling me to study at C3 College this year. And boy am I glad that I did! It’s been absolutely incredible to dig into God’s Word even deeper while exploring and solidifying the foundations for my faith. But above all that, it has been a year of substantial growth. God has shown me glimpses of what He’s calling me to and I know that every moment - of challenge, of equipping, of pain, of breakthrough...and even the mundane, He has used to shape and refine me into the person I need to be for His calling. I’m all in, and I’m not looking back. And I’m beyond grateful for the role C3 College has played in this so far."

- @_laurariis, first year leadership & ministry graduate.