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From Dark To Light From Death To Life

I’m in a concrete Gethsemane with nobody to help me. I’ve got dark skies above and anxious thoughts inside. Everybody’s looking for something, but I’m after nothing until I’ve got some light.


There’s exits and escapes and places I can hide, but I want something more than the darkness Lord. I want to see your light.


Grew up being told to be strong and smile but I’m not sure I have it in me anymore, I don’t think this emptiness is right. Can you show me another door?


You told me seeking leads to finding, so I’m searching whilst I’m climbing. I know you’ve told the devil it’s over, but can you tell me why he’s saying it’s not?


You promised sunrise and horizons and I’m believing that’s the truth. I’m seeing spotlights of your goodness, but will you see me through?


Sunlight’s creeping into corners but the darkness holds on tight. I see other people have it, but Lord I need your light.


But Lord you’ve got to help me, the lights showing the chains all around me. I know you took my blame upon you, but I can’t roll away this stone.


I’m in between the blessing, I’m still searching but I’m stressing. I’m looking back at history and know I can’t keep going that way. So show me all your glory, it’s the only way to save me.


I’m walking to the whispers of a risen king on Sunday. I don’t yet know if they’re all joking, or if you’ve really come back to life.


I’m not wasting any more energy. I’m not entertaining anymore lethargy. I don’t care that they’re all doubting, I’m walking towards You.


You’re getting close to us, I can feel it. But I’m not ready to be seen. I’ve scars, they need some healing. I’ve got shame, it needs some freeing.


Your light is breaking through the darkness, I’m seeing salvation coming home. I can’t believe you’re going to follow through.


You talked and talked of glory. You said I’d never be the same. You said you’d rise up from the ashes, you said you’d set me free from all the blame. I can’t believe it’s finally happened, I can’t believe how bright you are. I’ve light shining all around me, it’s ‘cos I’ve seen the Risen Son.