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Steven McAnally

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Steven McAnally came to C3 College as an actor, which further developed his passion for film production. He sought to learn the ‘why’ behind what he was doing and allowed himself to get out of what could hold him back, to learn the answers to his questions.

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My hesitation to study film & graphic design at C3 College came from a place of fear of the opinions of others. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to fulfil the expectations of those around me. But I chose to get out of that fear, give it to God and step into action.

C3 College has helped me gain momentum within my creative abilities. I have been given opportunities which are pretty rare and this was just a few months into the course. I was able to work with TV crews on live-streaming with multiple cameras at events, every weekend. It is in those environments, with those kinds of people where you can learn a heck of a lot. You just don’t get those opportunities at any random film school.

The temptation to give up has lost its power; it’s a past chapter.

You’re pushed to always consider the audience, so everything you do translates clearly, and affects the people watching. I also studied acting which provided another perspective and meant I had more to work with in the filmmaking process and this was a ridiculous amount of fun.

I see so much value in building His kingdom in this way, and enjoy being a part of representing film with excellence and creativity. Being here has allowed me to see and understand the perspective of God in the Arts, and translate that to my own work to build the House of God.

When I went to C3 College I got out of the fear of opinion, and stepped into action. And I’m learning to get better at this every single day. The temptation to give up has lost its power; it’s a past chapter.

-- Steven McAnally, third year, film & graphic design student.

Steven McAnally