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Kirsty Farrenkothen

Kirsty Farrenkothen

Kirsty Farrenkothen was working in real estate when she decided it was time to build a more solid foundation for herself. She was caught up in a busy and competitive work life that caused her to lose sight of what it meant to truly have a relationship with Jesus.

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Having grown up in church, I felt apathetic about my relationship with God. It was like we were casual friends, without really going anywhere. I wanted an intimate, head over heels relationship. I wanted more.

It's about having a beautiful, intimate relationship with Him…

I got caught up in wanting to learn all the facts, read all the books, get to know about Christ but after 2 years at C3 College, I realised it's not about trying to learn about Him or remember facts. It's about having a beautiful, intimate relationship with Him and stopping long enough with the Holy Spirit to understand and be surrounded by how infatuated He is with us.

Being immersed in C3 College allows you to stop and find stillness with Him. So often all we really need to do is stop, slow down internally, let go of a busy life, meet with Jesus and wait.

-- Kirsty Farrenkothen, second year, leadership & ministry student.