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Kelsey Skinner


Kelsey Skinner entered C3 College with an understanding that being fearful was a normal part of life. She lived in a place of fear; of people, of the unknown, of the future...Coming to C3 College was the catalyst for change in Kelsey’s life.

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I’d never studied in an environment where the lecturers and teachers personally care about their students. But here at C3 College, I have found a place where you are cared for, where attention is given, inside and outside of the classroom. I found a place to feel safe. Especially because I am studying acting where emotions are raw and feelings are uncovered and dealt with.

The acting course itself gives you the tools to develop your craft, as well as your faith. During my improvisation class, we explored emotions and exercised how to allow God into that space to regulate feelings and experiences. I came to realise that God is with us the whole time, holding onto us even when our emotions are trying to take His place.

Not only will your skills be developed bur your faith will be built upon and challenged. I came to study acting but now it’s just a bonus amongst the amazing depth taught into the Word of God. I have learnt how to intertwine this teaching and the work of the Holy Spirit, into my acting.

I have found a place where you are cared for, where attention is given, inside and outside of the classroom.

Some people think that learning acting at a bible college will mean cheesy plays about Jesus but it’s far from that here. It’s all about realising that you’re playing a character, it’s always up to you and your relationship with God. Take it to God, and ask Him, develop it with Him. We portray the world, even though we’re not of the world.

C3 College teaches industry level skills that have developed my understanding of what to expect beyond this place. From movement classes, to voice training, to improvisation, they are all setting me up for the industry. I am constantly encouraged by the people around me and I know that when the time comes, I’ll be ready to step out and beyond into all the God has for my future.

-- Kelsey Skinner, first year, acting student.

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