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Keaton Reid

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Keaton Reid decided it was time to get out of comfort and step into developing the gifts God had given him, specifically in visual arts. He wanted to bring the gifts he knew he had, and allow God to expand and transform them in an environment like C3 College.

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I didn’t want to just go to any art school. I wanted to attend a college that would help me improve my skills but also grow me in my relationship with God.

The first year of college, for me, was a great foundation and refresher for solid technique and understanding of structure. My second year of visual arts really challenged me and helped me build my own artistic style. During this time, my striving for perfectionism was confronted and the struggle slowly started to be removed from my creative process, as God challenged and helped me. I discovered a new freedom and joy that overflowed into my work.

Both years climaxed in third year; all the planning and training and practice and struggle. As third years, the painting, the planning and the process was completely in our own hands. Whether in visual art, ministry, theological or pastoral classes our lectures didn’t just download information, they guided us through our process and progression. Step by step, wherever we where at.

Spiritually, I felt cracked open at college.

I found that college can be amazing if you take advantage of every lecture, every group activity, every assessment, even every lunch break. Growing alongside other people and learning more about our great God, allowed me to see the plans He has for each and every person.

Spiritually, I felt cracked open at college. I positioned myself in a place where God could mould me. I loved my college experience, and what you take away is a gift to use for His Glory that has no expiry. I will always use what I learnt at college and always remember what an incredible start it was to the rest of my life, living to build His kingdom.

-- Keaton Reid, third year, visual arts student.