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Ben Saler

ben saler

Ben Saler studied songwriting at C3 College after an extended season of feeling like his dream of making music and being in the industry was never going to happen. His story is an encouragement to those who feel like giving up.

ben saler

Before I started studying songwriting at C3 College, I had given up on my dream of pursuing music. I had given making music a real go, but it was really hard to find consistency. I had holes in my knowledge, and to be honest, if you don’t have a good role model or someone to look up to in the industry, it’s really hard to make it by yourself.

So I was encouraged to study at C3 College for a bit of fun, rather than putting all this pressure on myself to ‘make it’. 

I had given up on my dream and so starting the songwriting course took me out of my comfort zone straight away, which was exactly what I needed. When I look back, I realise that you’ll never make progress if you don’t start stepping out (or into something). Through stepping out, it made me realise - I can actually do this.

You’ll never make progress if you don’t start stepping out.

Studying at C3 College enabled me to gain a lot of clarity about the music industry and its viability, as well as giving me the opportunity to make meaningful friendships and contacts in the industry. But what was most impacting to me was being believed in. My lecturers were not only successful and excellent as they helped fill the holes in my knowledge and showed me where I was lacking skill-wise, they also really encouraged me. They gave me permission to make mistakes and be myself, and I started to believe I could make it in the industry. Now, I’m going to start a business in music production.

I want to encourage anyone reading this to not give up on their dreams and to step into the call on their lives. I don’t regret it, you won’t either. 

-- Ben Saler, first year, songwriting student.

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