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Kelsey Skinner


Kelsey Skinner entered C3 College with an understanding that being fearful was a normal part of life. She lived in a place of fear; of people, of the unknown, of the future...Coming to C3 College was the catalyst for change in Kelsey’s life.

Kelsey Skinner-82.jpg

I’d never studied in an environment where the lecturers and teachers personally care about their students. But here at C3 College, I have found a place where you are cared for, where attention is given, inside and outside of the classroom. I found a place to feel safe. Especially because I am studying acting where emotions are raw and feelings are uncovered and dealt with.

The acting course itself gives you the tools to develop your craft, as well as your faith. During my improvisation class, we explored emotions and exercised how to allow God into that space to regulate feelings and experiences. I came to realise that God is with us the whole time, holding onto us even when our emotions are trying to take His place.

Not only will your skills be developed bur your faith will be built upon and challenged. I came to study acting but now it’s just a bonus amongst the amazing depth taught into the Word of God. I have learnt how to intertwine this teaching and the work of the Holy Spirit, into my acting.

I have found a place where you are cared for, where attention is given, inside and outside of the classroom.

Some people think that learning acting at a bible college will mean cheesy plays about Jesus but it’s far from that here. It’s all about realising that you’re playing a character, it’s always up to you and your relationship with God. Take it to God, and ask Him, develop it with Him. We portray the world, even though we’re not of the world.

C3 College teaches industry level skills that have developed my understanding of what to expect beyond this place. From movement classes, to voice training, to improvisation, they are all setting me up for the industry. I am constantly encouraged by the people around me and I know that when the time comes, I’ll be ready to step out and beyond into all the God has for my future.

-- Kelsey Skinner, first year, acting student.

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Keaton Reid

Keaton Reid-15 (1).jpg

Keaton Reid decided it was time to get out of comfort and step into developing the gifts God had given him, specifically in visual arts. He wanted to bring the gifts he knew he had, and allow God to expand and transform them in an environment like C3 College.

Keaton Reid-10.jpg

I didn’t want to just go to any art school. I wanted to attend a college that would help me improve my skills but also grow me in my relationship with God.

The first year of college, for me, was a great foundation and refresher for solid technique and understanding of structure. My second year of visual arts really challenged me and helped me build my own artistic style. During this time, my striving for perfectionism was confronted and the struggle slowly started to be removed from my creative process, as God challenged and helped me. I discovered a new freedom and joy that overflowed into my work.

Both years climaxed in third year; all the planning and training and practice and struggle. As third years, the painting, the planning and the process was completely in our own hands. Whether in visual art, ministry, theological or pastoral classes our lectures didn’t just download information, they guided us through our process and progression. Step by step, wherever we where at.

Spiritually, I felt cracked open at college.

I found that college can be amazing if you take advantage of every lecture, every group activity, every assessment, even every lunch break. Growing alongside other people and learning more about our great God, allowed me to see the plans He has for each and every person.

Spiritually, I felt cracked open at college. I positioned myself in a place where God could mould me. I loved my college experience, and what you take away is a gift to use for His Glory that has no expiry. I will always use what I learnt at college and always remember what an incredible start it was to the rest of my life, living to build His kingdom.

-- Keaton Reid, third year, visual arts student.


Simon Böttger

Simon Bottger-18.jpg

Simon Bottger came to C3 College all the way from Germany. He felt limited and stuck in his everyday, mundane life. He had a desire to help people connect with God through their musical abilities but didn’t know how. So he decided to come to C3 College to be trained, and to step into a new challenge that would help him achieve what he desired.

Simon Bottger-12.jpg

I came to C3 College to do more, see more, achieve more and receive more. I came to get out of my everyday life and step into the next level in my relationship with God, my musical skills, and my ability to help people.

From my first day at college I felt welcome and connected. I loved that I was surrounded by people, from many different cultures, who had God at the centre of their lives. Even though I didn’t understand everything from the start, I could feel the passion I had, stirring inside me, so I knew I was in the right place. The lecturers believed in me and encouraged me to explore new things. I was able to talk to them and receive so much wisdom from their own life experiences of successes and mistakes. I realised that you don’t have to learn from your own mistakes all the time but can learn from the mistakes of others.

Even though I didn’t understand everything from the start, I could feel the passion I had, stirring inside me.

I found that music was a place where I could focus on God and let go of the world. I learnt that worship leading isn’t a performance but a place where God is revealed, and it is so important to leave space for Him to move. I know that when I worship and play music, I am putting my trust in God.

I am very grateful to C3 College for the opportunity to study there. I felt supported in my relationship with God, my faith was developed and I was trained further in my musical skills so that I can help other people in the same process. And I am thankful that they showed me how I can get out of a mundane life and step into something greater.

-- Simon Böttger, first year, music performance & worship leading student.

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Kirsty Farrenkothen

Kirsty Farrenkothen

Kirsty Farrenkothen was working in real estate when she decided it was time to build a more solid foundation for herself. She was caught up in a busy and competitive work life that caused her to lose sight of what it meant to truly have a relationship with Jesus.

Kirsty McNee-42.jpg

Having grown up in church, I felt apathetic about my relationship with God. It was like we were casual friends, without really going anywhere. I wanted an intimate, head over heels relationship. I wanted more.

It's about having a beautiful, intimate relationship with Him…

I got caught up in wanting to learn all the facts, read all the books, get to know about Christ but after 2 years at C3 College, I realised it's not about trying to learn about Him or remember facts. It's about having a beautiful, intimate relationship with Him and stopping long enough with the Holy Spirit to understand and be surrounded by how infatuated He is with us.

Being immersed in C3 College allows you to stop and find stillness with Him. So often all we really need to do is stop, slow down internally, let go of a busy life, meet with Jesus and wait.

-- Kirsty Farrenkothen, second year, leadership & ministry student.


Saili Falealoto

Saili Falealoto

In 2017, Saili Falealoto wrote a list of things she wanted to achieve that year; to build confidence in her gift, better her vocal techniques, study the Bible more and find purpose. Her connect group leader suggested she study at C3 College, knowing it would help her in this process. So she got out of her comfortable work routine and stepped into a new experience.

Saili Falealoto

Studying vocals & worship leading at C3 College was different to anywhere else I’d studied before. C3 College provided me with a supportive space to explore and expand my gifts in a challenging yet safe environment. My lecturers and friends encouraged me to take musical risks I’d never even thought of.

My ability to get by, by doing the bare minimum, was demolished as the lecturers always inspired me to go the extra mile. They are such talented creatives and taught me so many things; I constantly felt in awe of their abilities. Thus, sub-consciously creating the need to better myself, not only musically but as a person as well.

I feel like I am a better version of myself because of the people I was surrounded by at college.

I learned so much while at C3 College. It was definitely a process of getting out of complacency and stepping into excellence. Even though I still have a lot to learn, I can say with certainty, that I know a whole lot more after college than I did before.

I feel like I am a better version of myself because of the people I was surrounded by at college. They challenged me, encouraged me and were by my side throughout my year. Immersing myself in C3 College empowered me to step into motivation and growth in my gift.

-- Saili Falealoto, first year, vocals & worship leading student.

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Steven McAnally

Steven McAnally-11.jpg

Steven McAnally came to C3 College as an actor, which further developed his passion for film production. He sought to learn the ‘why’ behind what he was doing and allowed himself to get out of what could hold him back, to learn the answers to his questions.

Steven McAnally-17.jpg

My hesitation to study film & graphic design at C3 College came from a place of fear of the opinions of others. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to fulfil the expectations of those around me. But I chose to get out of that fear, give it to God and step into action.

C3 College has helped me gain momentum within my creative abilities. I have been given opportunities which are pretty rare and this was just a few months into the course. I was able to work with TV crews on live-streaming with multiple cameras at events, every weekend. It is in those environments, with those kinds of people where you can learn a heck of a lot. You just don’t get those opportunities at any random film school.

The temptation to give up has lost its power; it’s a past chapter.

You’re pushed to always consider the audience, so everything you do translates clearly, and affects the people watching. I also studied acting which provided another perspective and meant I had more to work with in the filmmaking process and this was a ridiculous amount of fun.

I see so much value in building His kingdom in this way, and enjoy being a part of representing film with excellence and creativity. Being here has allowed me to see and understand the perspective of God in the Arts, and translate that to my own work to build the House of God.

When I went to C3 College I got out of the fear of opinion, and stepped into action. And I’m learning to get better at this every single day. The temptation to give up has lost its power; it’s a past chapter.

-- Steven McAnally, third year, film & graphic design student.

Steven McAnally

Keely McLeod

Keely McLeod

My decision to study at C3 College was one that brought me great clarity. Before stepping into College, I was confused about whether I should pursue a career in the music industry, or if I should devote my gifts solely to a church ministry context. At the time, doing both didn’t seem like a feasible option. I was fearful that I would make the wrong decision, and in doing so, somehow miss out on God’s plan for my life.

keely mcleod

I moved from a place of confusion to clarity when I studied the music industry course at College. What I loved about the course was that it crafted me into a musician able to work successfully in the church and the music industry. I was amazed that the content was designed to equip me for both contexts, and that the trainers I studied under were also practitioners in both contexts.

It crafted me into a musician able to work successfully in the church and the music industry.

In my time studying this course, I gained the skills and knowledge needed to operate as a live performance musician, and a session musician working in recording studios. I was taught the ins and outs of running a music business and how to deliver work at an industry standard.

I also found that the ministry focused subjects weren’t just training me to minister in a church, but would equip me for any work context.

Since completing my study at C3 College I have had opportunities to work in the music industry - recording on albums, and playing in bands. I'm also at my local church every week applying what I've learnt at college.

-- Keely McLeod, third year, music industry student.

Keeley Mcleod-24.jpg

Ben Saler

ben saler

Ben Saler studied songwriting at C3 College after an extended season of feeling like his dream of making music and being in the industry was never going to happen. His story is an encouragement to those who feel like giving up.

ben saler

Before I started studying songwriting at C3 College, I had given up on my dream of pursuing music. I had given making music a real go, but it was really hard to find consistency. I had holes in my knowledge, and to be honest, if you don’t have a good role model or someone to look up to in the industry, it’s really hard to make it by yourself.

So I was encouraged to study at C3 College for a bit of fun, rather than putting all this pressure on myself to ‘make it’. 

I had given up on my dream and so starting the songwriting course took me out of my comfort zone straight away, which was exactly what I needed. When I look back, I realise that you’ll never make progress if you don’t start stepping out (or into something). Through stepping out, it made me realise - I can actually do this.

You’ll never make progress if you don’t start stepping out.

Studying at C3 College enabled me to gain a lot of clarity about the music industry and its viability, as well as giving me the opportunity to make meaningful friendships and contacts in the industry. But what was most impacting to me was being believed in. My lecturers were not only successful and excellent as they helped fill the holes in my knowledge and showed me where I was lacking skill-wise, they also really encouraged me. They gave me permission to make mistakes and be myself, and I started to believe I could make it in the industry. Now, I’m going to start a business in music production.

I want to encourage anyone reading this to not give up on their dreams and to step into the call on their lives. I don’t regret it, you won’t either. 

-- Ben Saler, first year, songwriting student.

Ben Saler-13.jpg

Candace Tossas

candace tossas

Candace Tossas hails from Brooklyn, New York. The daughter of missionary parents, she grew up in Church but lost her way as she entered adulthood. Her drive to achieve the western idea of success and enjoyment led her away from a relationship with God and Church and set her on an appealing, yet ultimately un-fulfilling path.

candace tossas

I was caught up in a broken system but it took me ten years to realise it. As a young adult in New York, I was constantly exposed to a specific picture of success. I thought that if I could tick off certain things in life, I would be successful and accomplished. You know the things: Get on an exciting career path, find a relationship, build your wealth and make a name for yourself. And you know, I was doing pretty well ticking these things off.

I was 27 years old and surviving the hustle of New York City. I was financially stable, I had an excellent job in Times Square, my life was in "order" and I felt like I had everything I needed. But I never quite felt fulfilled, there seemed to always be more that I needed to achieve. Even though I was accomplishing so much, internally I felt uncertain and woke up each morning with the pressure to tick off more things. I remember thinking to myself, “If this is what my life is going to be like, then I’m not so sure that this is the answer for my life.”
But I didn’t change anything. I didn’t look for another option, even though the more I kept going down this path, the more uncertain I was that this life would fulfill me.

Then things got really shaky for me. I lost my job. I lost my ability to make money and keep my financial stability. It’s interesting to look back on, the moment my career path became unstable and untrustworthy, my identity and confidence came crumbling down. 

When your career is what defines you, losing it is like losing yourself.

Even though I was still presenting a confident exterior, inside I was rattled. I was self aware enough to realise that something needed to change and that I needed a constant, I knew I hadn’t been building my life on a solid and true foundation. Unfortunately, I still felt the need to be in complete control of my life and so the loss of my job wasn’t the catalyst for changing my worldview.

I thought that maybe moving to Australia (a dream of mine since I was young) would get me back on the right path. So I came to Sydney, but all that had changed was my location in the world, I was still trying to replicate the life I had in New York. I was in a new environment, but still living in the same broken system. God wanted to break me out of that system. He wanted me to get out of the uncertainty and need for control and to step into the clarity and freedom that trusting Him provides. It was time to let go of the worries and dependence on myself.

I needed to interrupt my life and grab a hold of something real. So I decided to study at C3 College.

candace tossas

I’ve got to tell you, even though I felt this was the right decision to make, it didn’t make me any more confident. I was still worrying and viewing my decision through the lens of my broken system. I admitted this to God, I said “I don’t trust you, that’s why I’m fighting you on this.” God, gracious as He is, gently advised me that I wasn’t going to experience the freedom He intended me to live in until I let go of my broken way of viewing the world. So at 28 years old and for the first time in my life, I was stepping into my calling. I was pursuing God for real and it didn’t take long for Him to deliver on His promise, I began to finally feel free and fulfilled.

I’m on a new trajectory now.

I’ve picked up so many new skills in my internship, from setting up sound and managing production setup to leading, pastoring and even preaching. But it’s not the skills that have been the most impacting. It’s the freedom that’s the result of trusting God.
I don’t have to worry about the un-fulfillment and uncertainty because I’m no longer living in a broken system. I’m confident in God’s call and I’m growing more and more confident in myself the more I understand who God really is. C3 College was the necessary catalyst for finding the confidence and freedom that God had always desired for me to live in.

-- Candace Tossas, second year, leadership and ministry student.