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Spêak - Jayden Yasar

C3 College - Jayden Yasar


So for me, hearing God speak isn't always an instant event, in fact, it usually takes time. I remember the first time God ever spoke to me after being saved, and the first thing he said was "be still", and so I know I always have to come to a place where I'm still before God.

"It's in the silence that I hear God's voice the loudest."

I believe the reason why He wanted me to be still was because I am so easily distracted by the movement of a fast paced society that is constantly demanding my attention but I’ve found that when I finally become still and wait on God, I realise that everyone is stuck in a pattern that removes them from what God intended them to be a part of.

C3 College - Jayden Yasar


It's in the silence where I hear God’s voice the loudest. The more silent and patient I am, the louder and clearer God’s voice is. My encouragement to anyone reading this is to not fear the silence or the stillness, that's where the peace and presence of God is.

It’s important to note that God often changes the way He wants to speak to us. For me, He might speak to me through my thoughts.
How do I know it’s him? The thoughts always line up with the Bible and its wisdom.

"God never contradicts His Word."

Sometimes they are thoughts that I have never thought of before. God also speaks to me through, visions and dreams, an audible voice, scripture or even other people but it never contradicts His word, that's how I know it's Him.
And if I don’t act on what he speaks to me?
He repeats what He said to the point where I get annoyed.
God is pretty funny like that.

Jayden Yasar, a C3 College 2nd Year Leadership and Ministry student, hungry for God to Spêak.

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