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Spêak - Caleb Gonzalez

C3 College - Caleb Gonzalez


Is He the still small whisper I wait to hear in the midst of the darkness? Is He the overwhelming shout I wait on when I loudly proclaim His name? Would He even bother to speak to me at all? Perhaps I’m not worthy or chosen to hear his voice. 
I struggled hearing his voice for what felt like years, I began wondering if I ever would.
Those years were a very confusing period of time for me because I could see God’s hand upon my life, I felt His presence, I clearly saw him opening certain doors and closing others yet I could hear nothing. That time in my life reminded me of an old B&W film. I could clearly see what was happening, I knew it was real, I could feel the emotions being produced by it but I heard nothing. .

"I was so focused on looking good for God, hoping that through those efforts I’d be able to hear His voice."

I found myself making an un-healthy conscious effort to make myself look like the best I could be, I began drifting from him and drawing near to certain people who *audibly* affirmed me and made me feel appreciated. Over time that form of affirmation morphed itself from being something I enjoyed to something I needed to keep going. At one point I found myself unable to connect with God through worship because I was so focused on looking good for God, hoping that through those efforts I’d be able to hear His voice. 

C3 College - Caleb Gonzalez


However, the breakthrough finally came once I stopped thinking about what I was doing with my brain and began pouring my heart into it. This meant that when I was working, I was doing it as unto the Lord not as unto man. When I prayed, I prayed as if I was having a personal conversation with my Heavenly Father. When I worshiped, I worshiped with a heart abandoned. 

"Although I still don’t audibly hear his voice, his presence and overwhelming peace is more than enough."

I stopped trying to connect with God using my brain and logic and instead began connecting with him with my heart and through that process I felt myself closer to God than ever before. Although I still don’t audibly hear his voice, his presence and overwhelming peace is more than enough. I’ve gotten to the point where if I had to go the rest of my life without hearing His voice audibly I would be okay, because I know in my heart that he loves me and He’s pleased with me.

Caleb Gonzalez, a C3 College 1st Year Film & Graphic Design student, hungry for God to Spêak.

Spêak - Jessica Deal

C3 College - Jessica Deal


It is easier to silence God's voice than it is to listen to it. Whether it's a life altering word or an instruction to encourage someone that looks sad at a grocery store, hearing from God, the almighty creator of the universe, is a powerful thing. Our knowledge and understanding of everything that is going on in the world around us is so minuscule. When we look to our omniscient God and seek His will over our own we can gain access to His thoughts and plans for our lives, which are well beyond what we could ever perceive.

"It is easier to silence God's voice than it is to listen to it."

More often than not, as believers we cry out to God and deeply desire to hear from Him, but when The Holy Spirit says something we do not want to hear, we harden our hearts towards Him rather than trusting in the plan he has for our lives and truly following him. In my walk with God I went through a season where I tried to completely separate myself from the plan that God had for my life because I didn’t understand that God always gives us his best.

C3 College - Jessica Deal


Looking back on it now I realise that even though I tried to be distant and do things in my own strength, God was always there. I heard the still small voice that was knocking on my heart reminding me of the wonder that is in Christ Jesus, I just silenced it. For me, truly getting in touch with the voice of God has been through the process of surrender. I found that the more I made God the Lord of my life and positioned my heart towards Him through prayer, the word and worship, the more I began to recognise it when He spoke. Eventually I began to not only hear from God but listen to Him and follow the plan He has for my life.

"As we place our trust in him and allow him to guide us I believe he will reveal himself and his will for our lives."

Revelation 3:20 says this “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” It might not be what we want to hear, and it might not be exactly when we want it, but as we place our trust in him and allow him to guide us I believe he will reveal himself and his will for our lives. Whatever season we are going through in life whether it is chaos, peace, uncertainty, doubt, or joy, when we allow God entrance into our hearts and are eager to listen to what he has to say I believe we will hear him speak. 

Jessica Deal, a C3 College 2nd Year Leadership and Ministry student, zealous for God to Spêak.

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Spêak - Braden Clingeleffer

C3 College - Braden Clingeleffer


It's often quoted that the voice of God is a still, quiet voice.
Which is true.
It's also often said that it's like a mighty hurricane.
Which is true.
In my experience though, for a big portion of my journey, It's hard to find a voice at all.
There have absolutely been times in which amongst my naivety, God has made something incredibly obvious to me. Other times it has been in the quiet, restful moments in which God has whispered to my heart.
But other times, there's nothing.
The question is, how do we hear from God when we can't hear His voice?
So often, we can get caught up in hearing something in the moment. We find ourselves in a situation and we expect God to spontaneously speak to us - whether it be loud or soft, we listen for a voice.

"So often, we can get caught up in hearing something in the moment."

Ephesians 1:17 “The God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him.”
God not only gives us revelation, but He has given us a spirit of wisdom in the knowledge of Him.
He has given us revelation rooted in our spirit, that we may know Gods voice even when we don't hear it. Faith is not necessarily pushing and pursuing to hear God speak to us in a moment, but rather a remembering of the promises He has made, the revelation He has already given to you, and in this knowing I believe that God speaks to you. Through remembering the revelation He has given you, He brings new revelation.

C3 College - Braden Clingeleffer


For me, the greatest revelation for me to remember is Gods peace. If I find myself in one of those moments in which I need the spirit of wisdom and revelation from God, I remember His peace. Peace is a huge guide in my life. In the big and the little, I know God is faithful to speak to me through His peace. It's not necessarily a ‘voice’, but the knowing, the revelation that He has placed in my spirit that guides me. Gods peace is my compass.

"Our God has created us uniquely, so He may use unique ways to speak to us."

For others, it may not be peace that is so prominent. It may be a spirit of Faith, it could be a prophetic gift that He has given in order to help guide your life. But whatever it is, I believe God has placed things in each of us, things that help us to know His voice even when we don't hear His voice. I want to encourage you to discover your gift. Through His spirit of wisdom and revelation, discover how He has spoken to you and how He continues to speak to you. Stir up that gift. Have faith in the wisdom He has given you so hey we aren't constantly fretting that we aren't hearing from God. We have already best from Him, so use what He has already given you to move forward and He will continue to speak to you and bring fresh revelation into you heart.
Our God has created us uniquely, so He may use unique ways to speak to us. Know what yours is and continue to walk in Faith. Live in boldness because of the revelation and wisdom He has given us. Remember the promises He has made to you. 

Braden Chase Clingeleffer, a C3 College 3rd Year Leadership and Ministry student, hungry for God to Spêak.

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Spêak - Toby Osborne

C3 College - Toby Osbourne


Three simple tips for hearing God’s voice.

1. Slow Down

A funny thing about God is that He often moves a lot slower than us. We can be stressed out,
‘busy’ and trying to pull our lives together while God is relaxing on the throne because He has
everything under control. There’s a passage in the Old Testament, In 1 Kings 19 where God draws the prophet Elijah out to a mountain to speak to him but first He sends out a wild wind that batters the mountain, an earthquake and then a fire but it’s not until all this chaos passes that God speaks to Elijah as a still, small voice. God doesn’t communicate through chaos and rushed confusion, but peace and quiet. Jesus makes it very clear during the Sermon on the Mount for us to not worry and realise that the Father will provide us with everything we need. In terms of our relationship with God we have always been the weaker link, God has never done anything wrong but He has provided salvation in Christ for us to come back into relationship with Him. We need to make the conscious choice to take a moment, slow down and position our hearts in a way that says ‘Here I am Father, I’m not in a rush, what’s next for us?’. This attitude has been imperative for me to hear God speak, whenever I’m stressed out and am not hearing His voice and then my stress increases because I’m not hearing His voice I find that as soon as I drop everything and take even a few minutes to give Him my heart and wait for Him, He always speaks and I feel much better.

"As soon as I... give Him my heart and wait for Him, He always speaks and I feel much better."

2. Humble Yourself

In my first year of college I had the opportunity to pray for healing for a girl who was having some neck trouble and as I prayed I felt God tell me that as she turned her neck it would pop and she would be healed. At the time I thought it sounded weird but in that moment I humbled myself and asked her to move her neck around. She tried for a few minutes and couldn’t get her neck to pop. I walked away from that moment feeling disappointed but three weeks later I got a text from her saying that she was waiting for friend to get changed at the mall. As she was waiting she moved her neck and it popped three times bringing complete healing! I was completely amazed and blown away! God had fulfilled what he whispered softly in my heart three weeks earlier. One of my favourite passages of scripture in the Bible is 1 Corinthians 1:18 - 2:16. “For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom”, this statement found in this passage never fails to amaze me and leave me smiling. It is so true though! The gospel itself and the gifts of the Spirit are made available in a way that humanity ruled by the flesh find foolish. God speaks on a completely different level to us and in order for us to walk in His Spirit it will take great humility and a sense of death to self because to most people you will look crazy or stupid. It was actually God’s joy to make the gospel appear as foolishness to man because it means that only those who are humble
and willing enough to lay themselves down will find the treasures of God. It’s why many people still won’t speak in tongues, it’s a powerful, vital gift of the Spirit that sounds foolish if you view it according to the flesh. Live by the Spirit. Because God’s wisdom is perceived as foolishness by those who have their minds set on the flesh. Jesus makes it clear in Mark 10 that we are to receive the kingdom of God like a child. Children are often humble, open and have great faith. This is how God wants us to approach Him when we learn to hear His voice. We have to humble ourselves like children and be prepared to figuratively “Learn a new language” which can often be uncomfortable and put our pride at risk. But it is an awesome thing for building character, in the kingdom of God the way up is the way down and the more I pursue God the more I am shown that.

C3 College - Toby Osbourne


3. Know the Word of God

It is absolutely imperative to know the Word of God. It is very easy when listening to what the Holy Spirit is trying to say to get get caught up in thoughts that come from the flesh or deceptions from demonic spirits which can confuse us and lead us astray from what God is really saying. One of the most brilliant things I’ve heard said is that if you want to hear God speak; read the Bible. The Bible is God’s Word and he has already spoken through it. The Spirit is like a flowing river and the Word of God are the banks that guide it in a fruitful direction. What I’ve noticed walking through spiritual warfare is that the devil will try and make himself sound like the Holy Spirit to deceive you and I’ve even had moments where the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me and the devil has actually tried to butt in loudly and finish the Holy Spirit’s sentence. When you know the Word of God, the Scriptures, the Truth you are easily able to discern between the thoughts of your flesh, the enemy and the Holy Spirit. The Word of God is absolutely vital for providing a healthy foundation for hearing the voice of God because the Holy Spirit will never come against the Word of God but operate out of it. The Word of God brings clarity, stability and peace when it seems like there is a war for your mind and soul.

"The most freeing thing about hearing God’s voice is that it’s not based on your effort."

The most freeing thing about hearing God’s voice is that it’s not based on your effort. God wants to speak to you because He loves you. He wants to bring clarity into confusing situations, he wants to bring answers to problems and he wants to bring encouragement for your soul. When I was walking through a trial a few months ago I was expecting God to give me all the answers to what was going on, but when I asked Him all He would say was ‘I love you, I’m proud of you, follow me’. It was such a frustrating thing to hear at the time but in hindsight it really encouraged me. Sometimes all you need God to say to you is one sentence or only a few words. But if you take the time today to stop for a while, slow down, remove all distractions, give Him your heart and wait for Him to speak, He will meet you where you’re at and you’ll find freedom. 

Toby Osborne, a C3 College 3rd Year Leadership and Ministry student, hungry for God to Spêak.

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Spêak - Candace Tossas

C3 College - Candace Tossas


The silence has lasted for months. When I asked the Lord about it, all I heard was ‘rest’. I am a talker and a doer; rest does not sit well with me. Rest makes me uneasy and in most cases, silence makes my soul cringe.

"I will not let silence define the quality of relationship with my God, because I know that even in the silence he is with me and he is good."

Rest by definition can mean an interval of silence of a specified duration. That definition is not comforting, especially when God doesn’t give you a specified duration. In this silence, I’ve had to fight off doubt, frustration, impatience and legalism; What is wrong with me that I am not hearing from him? How long will this last? What must I do to make God speak to me? As I sat around anxiously waiting for some direction from the Lord, I was reminded that we are called into relationship with him. I realised that while I have given God lordship over my life, I hadn’t been pursuing relationship at the level we’ve been called to. The fact that God wants relationship with us is a humbling thought – Our Father, the Creator of all, does not need us to say a word, but he invites us into continuous conversation with him because he loves us.


C3 College - Candace Tossas


With that in mind, I have chosen to view this silence as an opportunity to build consistent rhythm in my conversation with God; no longer limiting subjects or confining it to a time limit or space. I have shifted the balance from speaking to God to hear something, to conversing with God, worshiping him, and resting in his presence because he is my Father and closest friend.

"I have chosen to view this silence as an opportunity to build consistent rhythm in my conversation with God."

Psalm 91:1 says “those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty,” so I will pursue relationship every day and continue to delight in him even when he ceases to speak. I will not let silence define the quality of relationship with my God, because I know that even in the silence he is with me and he is good.


Candace Tossas, a C3 College 1st Year Leadership and Ministry student, excited for God to Spêak.

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Spêak - Saili Falealoto

C3 College - Saili Falealoto


So the question posed was; what does it mean to hear God speak?
Immediately, Matthew 3:16 sprung to mind. For those who may not be familiar with this verse, allow me to quickly paraphrase; Jesus was baptised, the heavens opened and the audible voice of God was heard saying, ‘This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased’.
Hearing God speak is glorious but for me to say it's always this obvious would be a lie.

"Hearing God speak is glorious but for me to say it's always this obvious would be a lie."

Personally, being able to hear God speak can come at many different times in many different ways. Truth is, he's always speaking to you. Whether or not you can hear Him though, is a different story. I can say with confidence that; it is easier to ignore the voice of God than it is to listen to it. Sadly, that is the truth.
However, in saying so, I also have confidence in the fact that, ‘He will never leave you nor forsake you’ (Deuteronomy 31:6), that ‘the Lord your God is with you wherever you go’ (Joshua 1:9) and that His ‘word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path’ (Psalm 119:105).
God is always with you, we just have to position ourselves to be able to hear Him.

I grew up in a big Christian family, but we never really went to church, well not consistently anyway. I had an idea of who God was but I wouldn't say I knew Him or even had confidence in the fact that He was real. However that all changed when God spoke to me.
I was fourteen. I grew up quite an anxious child but I was also extremely competitive as well. As a result I often found myself comparing myself to others. Which I'm sure is normal for your average teen, but the constant question of whether or not I was good enough, was one I could never get out of my head. I also found that the first thing that the anxiety took from me was my voice. I struggled to speak to my peers, my friends, and at some point my family. For some weird reason I chose to do music while I was at school. So a lot of my performances (because I'm a vocalist) were not good. At all.
My cousin, who was oblivious to my inner turmoil, came down to Sydney from Queensland for Presence, a massive C3 conference, and after inviting me to go many times I finally and reluctantly said yes.

The only thing I remember was the worship. They were singing this song called ‘Today’ and it was all about leaving your troubles behind and following God. I remember singing under my breath because I didn't want the people next to me hear me, but then God asked me if I meant it. I was like ‘Excuse me?’ And he was like ‘Do you mean it? Will you really leave your troubles behind and follow me?’ I was so shocked and for a couple of reasons.
1. God is real
2. He was talking to me
3. He was asking me to follow him. As I was. The broken, insecure, anxious, competitive little girl I was and he was still calling me.
4. I had no idea what to do.
So I lifted my hands and sang at the tops of my lungs because I realised I did mean it. Even if I didn't mean it when I started, I wanted to now.

C3 College - Saili Falealoto


If I wasn't positioned to hear God speak, I wouldn't have heard him.
So what does this look like?
This can look like continuing to turn up to church, reading the bible, praying and just spending time with God. My favourite is worship. Whether it's in a congregation or in your room by yourself. Worship aligns your heart with His and can put you in a position to hear from him and without fail put you in a position to feel his presence.

"Jesus meets us where we are at and that is something we can always rely on."

Something I had to get over was thinking I was not worthy to hear God speak, that I had to be a specific level of holy before I would even consider that God would speak to me. However, the man from upstairs came downstairs and his name is Jesus. Jesus meets us where we are at and that is something we can always rely on.

Hearing God speak is life changing. He is always speaking to us and whether or not we have positioned ourselves to hear him will often determine whether or not we can hear him. He is for you and always with you.

Saili Falealoto, a C3 College 1st Year Music student, eager for God to Spêak.

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Spêak - Jayden Yasar

C3 College - Jayden Yasar


So for me, hearing God speak isn't always an instant event, in fact, it usually takes time. I remember the first time God ever spoke to me after being saved, and the first thing he said was "be still", and so I know I always have to come to a place where I'm still before God.

"It's in the silence that I hear God's voice the loudest."

I believe the reason why He wanted me to be still was because I am so easily distracted by the movement of a fast paced society that is constantly demanding my attention but I’ve found that when I finally become still and wait on God, I realise that everyone is stuck in a pattern that removes them from what God intended them to be a part of.

C3 College - Jayden Yasar


It's in the silence where I hear God’s voice the loudest. The more silent and patient I am, the louder and clearer God’s voice is. My encouragement to anyone reading this is to not fear the silence or the stillness, that's where the peace and presence of God is.

It’s important to note that God often changes the way He wants to speak to us. For me, He might speak to me through my thoughts.
How do I know it’s him? The thoughts always line up with the Bible and its wisdom.

"God never contradicts His Word."

Sometimes they are thoughts that I have never thought of before. God also speaks to me through, visions and dreams, an audible voice, scripture or even other people but it never contradicts His word, that's how I know it's Him.
And if I don’t act on what he speaks to me?
He repeats what He said to the point where I get annoyed.
God is pretty funny like that.

Jayden Yasar, a C3 College 2nd Year Leadership and Ministry student, hungry for God to Spêak.

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Spêak - Keely McLeod

C3 College - Keely McLeod


For a long time, I had struggled to recognise God’s voice. I say recognise because I believe the issue wasn’t that God was being silent, but that I was not yet familiar with his voice.
In John 10, Jesus explains that He is the good shepherd, and that as his followers we are his sheep. In verse three, Jesus says, “the sheep listen to His voice”, and the passage goes on to say that the sheep follow the shepherd because they know/recognise/are familiar with His voice. This passage showed me a huge key that I was missing when it came to hearing God’s voice. I hadn’t been listening.

I had this deep hunger to hear God speak, and wanted the intimate relationship with Him that I heard people talk about in church. At the same time I would approach my time with God with no intention of letting him get a word in.
I read the bible like I was completing a chore. There were times I would find a cool verse and highlight it, but I didn’t practice meditating on what I was reading.
I would come to God with my head full of unanswered questions, concerns, and the tasks I needed to do afterwards. Once I had offloaded all the things in my head, I would say thank you and be on my way.  

"It showed me a huge key that I was missing when it came to hearing God’s voice. I hadn’t been listening."

I never took time to stop, be still, and give my full attention to simply be with Jesus. Like the sheep in John 10, I needed to practice listening to God’s voice, learn to recognise it, and then follow it. Easier said than done.

The process highlighted parts of my character that I needed God to work on. Often I would wrestle with my own unbelief, my lack of patience, and my to do list which always seemed more important at the time.

C3 College - Keely McLeod


But as I persisted, here’s what I found – God speaks through his Word! As I read the scriptures without the attitude of “I need to get something from this”, there would be moments where I stumbled across gold. Sometimes God would highlight a promise that I really needed to hear that day, or reveal something of his character that would blow my mind. Reading the bible actually became enjoyable!


"Being still is the hardest thing to persist with, but it’s so worth it."

Not only that, but the more I read the bible, the more I could declare the truth about who God is when I prayed. My faith increased as I started believing what I was speaking, and my concerns and questions didn’t seem so big and urgent after all.
Then there’s being still. It’s the hardest thing to persist with, but it’s so worth it. God also speaks when I am quiet and waiting in his presence – not saying anything, not thinking about the things I could be doing, just being still. Sometimes He’ll speak, sometimes He won’t, and it’s totally okay if He doesn’t say anything! I have learnt even when you can’t hear Him speak or feel His presence; just being with Him is enough.

When He does speak, He is like the good shepherd in John 10. God calls me by name, and leads me so I can follow Him.

Keely McLeod, a C3 College 3rd Year Music Industry student, hungry for God to Spêak.

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Spêak - Josh Scherrer

C3 College - Josh Scherrer


Does God speak to us?

The single biggest learning curve in my Christian walk, has been the revelation that I don’t need God to speak to me in order to know that He is for me and loves me. Yes, you read that right. God has not yet spoken to me (audibly), but I am completely confident that He is looking after me as my heavenly Father. This however, has not always been the case.

I once thought that there was something wrong with the way I prayed or there was something in my life that God wasn’t pleased with and therefore not speaking to me on a regular basis. I would pray and expect God to audibly speak to me, I would ask for wisdom in regards to an important matter and expect to hear the ever elusive “voice of God” so often talked about in Christian circles. Not once did God speak to me in those moments. As many can relate, I became frustrated to the point of thinking that God only spoke to His “world changers” and leaders of global movements. I was sure that God would never speak to me and that the lack of His voice in my life was a negative thing.

"I don’t need God to speak to me in order to know that He is for me and loves me."

I don’t know of any scripture in the Bible that says if God has not yet spoken to you, you have done something wrong. For me, the fact that God hasn’t audibly spoken to me yet, just means that He hasn’t needed to yet. He may never need to, and that’s ok! Too often I’ve seen Christians become frustrated, as I was, that God isn’t audibly speaking to them, that they’re missing the other ways that He does speak to us. These ways aren’t anything new, or hidden. In fact, I have found that God speaks to me most through the Bible and through my close friends. I only realised this when I surrendered to the fact that I didn’t have to hear His audible voice. By releasing myself from only being able to hear God speak in only one way, my spirit was opened to two others channels for divine input.

C3 College - Josh Scherrer


Isn’t it amusing that we will have our Bibles, have our friends and pastors, yet we ignore them all and keep asking God to speak to us. God is speaking to us. Continually, through different means. We just need to have the humility to listen to the King’s messengers rather than expecting to hear only the King’s voice. God wants to speak to us. We are His children and He is our creator. However, we need to want to hear from Him from a place of surrender, not demand or entitlement. I have almost always found that when I have had divine revelation from The Word, it has been when my heart and mind are humble; when my spirit is surrendered before God.

"I have found that God speaks to me most through the Bible."

I would challenge anyone who, like me, struggled to hear God’s voice. Ask yourself, what do you actually want? Do you want to hear an audible voice to affirm God’s existence or do you want to have God speak to you through the Word, a pastor or friend so that you may find guidance for your situation? God loves each of us so abundantly and so wants to be in relationship with us, we just need to be willing to hear Him speak.

@joshscherrer, a @c3college 1st Year Leadership and Ministry student, waiting for God to Spêak.

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Spêak - Kirsty McNee

C3 College - Kirsty McNee


Your voice feels close but your face feels far away.
I hear the message, but not the heart behind it.
It reminds me of a long distance love letter.

I have no doubt of what you are saying to me,
But how you look upon me, I cannot recall.
You feel like a voiceless message, from an unknown number.

People discuss you, and I agree with what they say.
Some even pass on messages,
But I wonder why you can’t just tell me yourself.

I wait, and am told that when I wait, you will come.
You have felt disappointing for a long season.
But you have told me that you will draw near.

Your Word is true. So I will wait.

Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.
Welcome in ‘new season of frustration’
I am drawing near, do you even see me?

There seems like a gap, something I am missing.
Your word says one thing, I experience another.
I am here, where are you?

I don't feel you, I don't see you.
You don’t feel close and your voice seems almost silent.

What your Word says is truth.
My circumstance is not my reality.
But rather, it is the unfailing voice of God.

Your promises are my reality.

You do not dwell apart from me, external to me.
You are not far off or distracted.
Your home is within my very being.

You are closer than the very oxygen I breathe.
I physically cannot be separated from you.
I need only stop, be quiet, and listen.

I can’t always hear your voice for I am so busy,
internally busy, working to get to you.
But when I rest..

I hear you.

I used to wait for the big booming voice of heaven,
And always result in a slump of disappointment.
But now, I hear you differently.

When I stop, and seek your face,
I hear you in the warmth of the sun on my back.
I hear you in the colour of the bluest winter sky.

When I stop looking for something to happen,
I hear you in everything that’s happening.
I simply seek your face in everything I see.

You sound different to the expectation I had.
But in a manner that is always present.
Just an exhale of my breath away.

Your voice is always good.
The more I hear you, the more I recognise you.
You speak only good things over me.

Call to Him and He will answer you.
Whoever is of God, hears the voice of God.
He dwells in you and will be in you.
As a sheep, you will hear your Shepherds voice.
All scripture is breathed out by Him.

He will tell you great and hidden things.

Then a voice came from heaven saying,
You are my child, who I’m love, with you I am well pleased.

Kirsty McNee, a C3 College 2nd Year Leadership and Ministry student, craving for God to Spêak.

C3 College- Kirsty McNee


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Spêak - Zac Pearson

C3 College - Zac Pearson


Hearing God speak to me is one of the most comforting things ever. God can speak to us in a variety of ways. In one of my first-year classes at C3 College we learnt that there are four main ways that God speaks to us, God can speak to us through Angels, through the Holy Spirit, through people and through the Bible (see Acts 8.26).

In my life God has spoken me many times through the Holy Spirit, especially when I read the Bible. I learnt that any revelation we have when reading God’s word is actually the Holy Spirit revealing Himself to us. When I realised this, I found reading the Bible a lot more exciting and easy to do. Before I found it hard, like it a chore. But after learning that it was actually the Holy Spirit revealing Himself, I found myself picking up my Bible a whole lot more.

"God can speak to us in a variety of ways."


I’ve also experienced God speak to me in my own thoughts. For example, when I’m trying to decide something or do something, I would hear a voice in my head or get an idea. Originally, I thought it was just my own brain or mind thinking things but now when I look back, it was actually God speaking to me through my thoughts.

Another example of hearing God in my thoughts was during my final year of school when I wasn’t attending Church. In this time, I would go to parties and and even though I wasn’t really into Church, I would always invite friends to come and surprisingly, most would. Funnily enough, I was really successful at getting friends to come to Church while I was intoxicated. At one party though, after I had invited two friends to come and they both said yes, I heard a voice in my head… The voice said, “If you can reach people when you’re gone, imagine what you can do for me when you’re not.”
At that point, I realised it was God’s voice and I decided to step back into the plan that God had for me. After that decision, I found that more of my friends started coming to Church, the connect group I was in grew larger. I was able to start my own connect group that is growing and flourishing. I was then asked to run a youth service at C3’s extension service in Avalon. So everything I have done after that moment has proven to me that God did speak to me through my thoughts that night.

C3 College- Zac Pearson


A big way that God has spoken to me was through people, I believe prophecies are God speaking to us through people. In my life I have had more than one very accurate prophecy. I remember when I was starting my second year at Bible College and continuing to serve at youth. I was starting to doubt if it was actually the right decision to continue what I was doing. One morning of College, all the leadership and ministry students went to a leaders summit meeting on the campus. In that meeting Pastor Phil Pringle called all the youth leaders out of their seats and to come down the front so he could pray for all of us. He laid hands on everyone and did a powerful group prayer. I remember thinking to myself how great it would be to have Pastor Phil Prophecy over myself. As soon as I thought that, I remembered what one of our lectures, Katie Haldane, had said to us, she said “We don’t actually need to hear people prophecy over us because we have the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit speaks straight to us. So I felt content to not receive a prophetic word.

"The Holy Spirit speaks straight to us."

As soon as I finished that thought though Pastor Phil stopped and prophesied over me. It was one of the most encouraging prophecies I’ve ever had. In that prayer, he said “You have chosen the right path. There will be temptations to your left and to your right but stay strong because you have chosen the right course.”
This prophecy killed any doubt that I had about my call. What made me know that it was straight from God was because Pastor Phil had no idea what I was going through, he had no idea that I was doubting my decision and he didn’t even know my name. But God used him to speak to me.

Zac Pearson, a C3 College 2nd Year Leadership and Ministry student, eager for God to Spêak.


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Spêak - Rachelle Baker

C3 College - Rachelle Baker



When I think of the silent seasons, the restlessness of waiting and longing to hear from God, my mind goes back to the Brooke Fraser lyrics,
"When I can't feel you, I have learned to reach out just the same
When I can't hear you, I know you still hear every word I pray
And I want you more than i want to live another day
And as I wait for you, maybe I'm made more faithful."
Sometimes I'll just sing that over myself until I start to believe it.
Through the silence I have found it's about the decision to plant yourself in Christ no matter the season, rather than focusing on what you are feeling and hearing from Christ.
Don't get me wrong, I hate the silence, it causes me to pause and question things I've tried to avoid, to look at things I've tried to cover up. But maybe that's why we go through seasons of silence, maybe when we stop and wait, it causes us to struggle with, to reflect, to question, but just maybe it's also making us grow.

"Through the silence I have found it's about the decision to plant yourself in Christ."


Sometimes it's a verse, a feeling or a nudge in the other direction. Sometimes God shows you a passage in a new way or you get prayed for on the alter.
But sometimes, it's one word and you're too busy waiting for the breakthrough, the sign, the tears and big flashing lights to tell you what God already said with just one word.
Don't wait for the Sunday service for the breakthrough, many times I have spent the week carrying something till Sunday when it could've been dealt with in the moment it happened. However when I look back I have found some of my most impacting breakthroughs have happened when I was by myself.

C3 College- Rachelle Baker



I remember when I was about 15 years old,  I traveled to a place I'd never been, without anyone I really knew, only to find it wasn't what I expected.
Up until that point I had always heard from God through my family, what my church preached and what I talked about with my friends but suddenly that was all ripped away. I was in a foreign country where the native language wasn't English and I was hurt by the people who were supposed to keep me safe.
But for the first time is my life there was no one in the middle of Christ and I, He was the only person I could turn to. I met God the comforter that trip, God the healer and defender.
God hadn't changed but I stopped relying on the relationship others had with Him and waited to hear His voice directly.

"Don't wait until the Sunday service for the breakthrough."


Have you ever pretended to give something over to God? When he speaks have you told Him "All I want is you, I give you my life, your ways not my ways, you are the potter I am the clay," but deep down you know you really mean everything but that small piece you want to keep for yourself? I have.
It takes courage to surrender, to lay it all out, the good and the ugly and say "have your way."
But why? He is perfect and outside of time, He is a good father and wants to the best for us. So why do we find it so hard to let go?
For me, I would guess two things. Fear and pride. Neither a good choice to govern your decisions.
It may take courage and boldness to surrender when God speaks but as someone who has recently surrendered a few things I can tell you there is nothing like the freedom that it brings.

Rachelle Baker, a C3 College 3rd Year vocals student, waiting & eager for God to Spêak.

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