Spêak - Kirsty McNee

C3 College - Kirsty McNee


Your voice feels close but your face feels far away.
I hear the message, but not the heart behind it.
It reminds me of a long distance love letter.

I have no doubt of what you are saying to me,
But how you look upon me, I cannot recall.
You feel like a voiceless message, from an unknown number.

People discuss you, and I agree with what they say.
Some even pass on messages,
But I wonder why you can’t just tell me yourself.

I wait, and am told that when I wait, you will come.
You have felt disappointing for a long season.
But you have told me that you will draw near.

Your Word is true. So I will wait.

Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.
Welcome in ‘new season of frustration’
I am drawing near, do you even see me?

There seems like a gap, something I am missing.
Your word says one thing, I experience another.
I am here, where are you?

I don't feel you, I don't see you.
You don’t feel close and your voice seems almost silent.

What your Word says is truth.
My circumstance is not my reality.
But rather, it is the unfailing voice of God.

Your promises are my reality.

You do not dwell apart from me, external to me.
You are not far off or distracted.
Your home is within my very being.

You are closer than the very oxygen I breathe.
I physically cannot be separated from you.
I need only stop, be quiet, and listen.

I can’t always hear your voice for I am so busy,
internally busy, working to get to you.
But when I rest..

I hear you.

I used to wait for the big booming voice of heaven,
And always result in a slump of disappointment.
But now, I hear you differently.

When I stop, and seek your face,
I hear you in the warmth of the sun on my back.
I hear you in the colour of the bluest winter sky.

When I stop looking for something to happen,
I hear you in everything that’s happening.
I simply seek your face in everything I see.

You sound different to the expectation I had.
But in a manner that is always present.
Just an exhale of my breath away.

Your voice is always good.
The more I hear you, the more I recognise you.
You speak only good things over me.

Call to Him and He will answer you.
Whoever is of God, hears the voice of God.
He dwells in you and will be in you.
As a sheep, you will hear your Shepherds voice.
All scripture is breathed out by Him.

He will tell you great and hidden things.

Then a voice came from heaven saying,
You are my child, who I’m love, with you I am well pleased.

Kirsty McNee, a C3 College 2nd Year Leadership and Ministry student, craving for God to Spêak.

C3 College- Kirsty McNee


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Spêak - Zac Pearson

C3 College - Zac Pearson


Hearing God speak to me is one of the most comforting things ever. God can speak to us in a variety of ways. In one of my first-year classes at C3 College we learnt that there are four main ways that God speaks to us, God can speak to us through Angels, through the Holy Spirit, through people and through the Bible (see Acts 8.26).

In my life God has spoken me many times through the Holy Spirit, especially when I read the Bible. I learnt that any revelation we have when reading God’s word is actually the Holy Spirit revealing Himself to us. When I realised this, I found reading the Bible a lot more exciting and easy to do. Before I found it hard, like it a chore. But after learning that it was actually the Holy Spirit revealing Himself, I found myself picking up my Bible a whole lot more.

"God can speak to us in a variety of ways."


I’ve also experienced God speak to me in my own thoughts. For example, when I’m trying to decide something or do something, I would hear a voice in my head or get an idea. Originally, I thought it was just my own brain or mind thinking things but now when I look back, it was actually God speaking to me through my thoughts.

Another example of hearing God in my thoughts was during my final year of school when I wasn’t attending Church. In this time, I would go to parties and and even though I wasn’t really into Church, I would always invite friends to come and surprisingly, most would. Funnily enough, I was really successful at getting friends to come to Church while I was intoxicated. At one party though, after I had invited two friends to come and they both said yes, I heard a voice in my head… The voice said, “If you can reach people when you’re gone, imagine what you can do for me when you’re not.”
At that point, I realised it was God’s voice and I decided to step back into the plan that God had for me. After that decision, I found that more of my friends started coming to Church, the connect group I was in grew larger. I was able to start my own connect group that is growing and flourishing. I was then asked to run a youth service at C3’s extension service in Avalon. So everything I have done after that moment has proven to me that God did speak to me through my thoughts that night.

C3 College- Zac Pearson


A big way that God has spoken to me was through people, I believe prophecies are God speaking to us through people. In my life I have had more than one very accurate prophecy. I remember when I was starting my second year at Bible College and continuing to serve at youth. I was starting to doubt if it was actually the right decision to continue what I was doing. One morning of College, all the leadership and ministry students went to a leaders summit meeting on the campus. In that meeting Pastor Phil Pringle called all the youth leaders out of their seats and to come down the front so he could pray for all of us. He laid hands on everyone and did a powerful group prayer. I remember thinking to myself how great it would be to have Pastor Phil Prophecy over myself. As soon as I thought that, I remembered what one of our lectures, Katie Haldane, had said to us, she said “We don’t actually need to hear people prophecy over us because we have the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit speaks straight to us. So I felt content to not receive a prophetic word.

"The Holy Spirit speaks straight to us."

As soon as I finished that thought though Pastor Phil stopped and prophesied over me. It was one of the most encouraging prophecies I’ve ever had. In that prayer, he said “You have chosen the right path. There will be temptations to your left and to your right but stay strong because you have chosen the right course.”
This prophecy killed any doubt that I had about my call. What made me know that it was straight from God was because Pastor Phil had no idea what I was going through, he had no idea that I was doubting my decision and he didn’t even know my name. But God used him to speak to me.

Zac Pearson, a C3 College 2nd Year Leadership and Ministry student, eager for God to Spêak.


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Spêak - Rachelle Baker

C3 College - Rachelle Baker



When I think of the silent seasons, the restlessness of waiting and longing to hear from God, my mind goes back to the Brooke Fraser lyrics,
"When I can't feel you, I have learned to reach out just the same
When I can't hear you, I know you still hear every word I pray
And I want you more than i want to live another day
And as I wait for you, maybe I'm made more faithful."
Sometimes I'll just sing that over myself until I start to believe it.
Through the silence I have found it's about the decision to plant yourself in Christ no matter the season, rather than focusing on what you are feeling and hearing from Christ.
Don't get me wrong, I hate the silence, it causes me to pause and question things I've tried to avoid, to look at things I've tried to cover up. But maybe that's why we go through seasons of silence, maybe when we stop and wait, it causes us to struggle with, to reflect, to question, but just maybe it's also making us grow.

"Through the silence I have found it's about the decision to plant yourself in Christ."


Sometimes it's a verse, a feeling or a nudge in the other direction. Sometimes God shows you a passage in a new way or you get prayed for on the alter.
But sometimes, it's one word and you're too busy waiting for the breakthrough, the sign, the tears and big flashing lights to tell you what God already said with just one word.
Don't wait for the Sunday service for the breakthrough, many times I have spent the week carrying something till Sunday when it could've been dealt with in the moment it happened. However when I look back I have found some of my most impacting breakthroughs have happened when I was by myself.

C3 College- Rachelle Baker



I remember when I was about 15 years old,  I traveled to a place I'd never been, without anyone I really knew, only to find it wasn't what I expected.
Up until that point I had always heard from God through my family, what my church preached and what I talked about with my friends but suddenly that was all ripped away. I was in a foreign country where the native language wasn't English and I was hurt by the people who were supposed to keep me safe.
But for the first time is my life there was no one in the middle of Christ and I, He was the only person I could turn to. I met God the comforter that trip, God the healer and defender.
God hadn't changed but I stopped relying on the relationship others had with Him and waited to hear His voice directly.

"Don't wait until the Sunday service for the breakthrough."


Have you ever pretended to give something over to God? When he speaks have you told Him "All I want is you, I give you my life, your ways not my ways, you are the potter I am the clay," but deep down you know you really mean everything but that small piece you want to keep for yourself? I have.
It takes courage to surrender, to lay it all out, the good and the ugly and say "have your way."
But why? He is perfect and outside of time, He is a good father and wants to the best for us. So why do we find it so hard to let go?
For me, I would guess two things. Fear and pride. Neither a good choice to govern your decisions.
It may take courage and boldness to surrender when God speaks but as someone who has recently surrendered a few things I can tell you there is nothing like the freedom that it brings.

Rachelle Baker, a C3 College 3rd Year vocals student, waiting & eager for God to Spêak.

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