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Sound & PRoduction Course.

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"Being in an environment with people from all different parts of the world, with different cultures and experiences of God, has opened my eyes to entirely different aspects of God that I never knew existed.

Songyi Song

This course will develop the skills you have in audio production and lighting. You will be trained in a diverse range of learning environments, from conferences with epic production value like Presence, to smaller, boutique creative performances. You'll be trained in a way that will make you both valuable in the industry and fruitful in your church.


study one, two or three years.

First year.

10611NAT / Certificate IV of Creative Arts in Christian Ministry

This course specialises in Sound & Production

C3 College's first year sound & production course will equip you with the technical skills to set up and operate sound, lighting and vision system in a live production context. The course will cover both contemporary church and industry environments. Our production course will train you in multiple facets of live production, including mixing live audio, lighting for live stage performance plus theatre and television, and vision presentation systems. All of these skills will equip you to become a valuable production technician in your chosen field.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at future production engineers with a passion to design, facilitate and create in a live production environment; whether you have a creative desire for the musical or visual elements of live performance, or you have a technical mind for systems, organization and mechanics.

Working in a team environment to achieve a technically complex brief, while facilitating a creative expression, is an everyday challenge for a production team member. Learn how to be the person who brings the technical expertise and tools to the event, to carry a quality live performance.


Give me the facts.

Here's a quick break down of the first year:

  • 2 x 15 week semesters

  • Approximately 20 hours per week of classes

  • Classes from Tuesday - Friday

    • Tuesday & Thursday are your core days, you'll be studying leadership and theology

    • Monday & Wednesday will be intensive days in your specialised major

  • Chapel starts at 8am every morning

  • You're also required to serve 3 hours of internship per week (on a Sunday service)


First year students are introduced to the anatomy of a live audio system. Students will gain a working understanding of the elements of a system and how to set up and run a live PA system for a musical performance.


First year students are introduced to the main lighting fixtures found in live production. Students will be taught how to plot, cable and operate lighting for a live performance. Students will also touch on studio lighting for television as well as basic principles of theatre lighting.


First year students learn how to set up basic vision presentation systems including projection, TVs, small vision switchers and presentation computers and software.


You will be developed in:

  • Live audio mixing

  • Audio systems set up

  • Lighting operation and systems

  • Presentation vision systems and operation

Your training will include:

  • Audio theory

  • Practical set up and operation of audio systems for live music events

  • Lighting theory

  • Practical operation of various lighting systems for live events

  • Practical operation of presentation systems and playback for live events

So how much does it cost?

To find out more information about our fees which change from year to year, click the link below.

So how many years should I study?

It's a good question. One that we don't recommend making without chatting to us. Luckily we love having a chat. Whether it's extravagant conversations, like how we can be involved in making your dream happen or discussions with more detailed, administrative queries, like figuring out the best schedule for you. Whatever questions you have, we want to talk them through with you.

accreditation & applications

C3 College operates as a division of C3 Church Sydney Ltd, an ASQA Federally registered training provider (RTO #6292; CRICOS Provider Number 01880K) and students accepted into the programs may be eligible for Austudy/Youth Allowance and International Student Visas. Essentially this means we are legit, fully accredited and if you are an Australian studying with us, you may qualify for student benefits from the Australian government.


1 year full-time equivalent
Certificate IV of Creative Arts in Christian Ministry Specialising in Sound & Production (10611NAT)

2 years full-time (year 1 above or equivalent, plus 1 additional year)
Diploma of Creative Arts in Christian Ministry Specialising in Sound & Production (10612NAT)

3 years full-time (years 1 and 2 above or equivalent, plus 1 additional year)
Advanced Diploma of Creative Arts in Christian Ministry Specialising in Sound & Production (10613NAT)

To know more details about our accreditation click here

Application requirements.

We have two primary intakes for our creative arts courses. These intakes begin in February & July each year.

For creative arts students, we need you to:

 Apply online (you can do this by clicking here now)
→ Send this online pastoral reference to your pastor
→ Submit an audition ←

Once we have received these important elements, your application is then reviewed by C3 College’s executive board for approval.
If approved, you will receive a letter of offer from us congratulating you on your successful application and what your next steps will be in your journey towards becoming a C3 College student.

we're here to help

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