C3 College - Silverwater Campus.


Study Leadership and Ministry in Western Sydney.

This year, C3 College launched a campus in Western Sydney at C3 Silverwater. This campus makes the incredible training of C3 College more accessible to the city of Sydney. We wanted a campus that was more accessible via public transport and positioned in a more convenient location in Sydney.


study first year leadership & ministry classes in Western Sydney.

First year.

A foundational year that equips you to serve in your local church or as a minister in the professional world. The course is designed so that you can immediately apply what you've learnt to your life and ministry. It is practical, inspiring, challenging and will leave you with a greater understanding of God and your purpose as you follow Him. It will also give you tools to live a life that is successful and God glorifying.

What can I study?

You will be able to study 50% of the first year course (in leadership and ministry or creative arts) at our Silverwater campus (Tuesday & Thursday classes). This will mean that if you choose to study full time in either creative arts or leadership, you will attend your core classes at Silverwater on Tuesday & Thursday and then need to travel to Oxford Falls campus for Wednesday & Friday classes.

What if I want to study full time?

Our ultimate goal is to be able to offer full study programs at our Silverwater campus, but we want to make sure the experience of studying at Silverwater is equal to that of Oxford Falls. In order to achieve this, we are rolling out our programs incrementally to make sure you get to experience brilliant training regardless of the campus you are attending.

How do I get there?

Location: 108 Silverwater Rd, Silverwater 

Public transport: Buses leaving Parramatta and Auburn train station can have you dropped off only a short walk from campus. Bus routes include 540, 544 and 525.

Parking: There is ample free parking at C3 Silverwater with options of using either the underground car park, complex car park or street parking on Egerton Street or Vore Street.

Give me the facts.

Here's a quick break down of the first year classes at our Silverwater campus:

  • Approximately 8 hours per week of classes
  • Classes on Tuesday & Thursday
    • 2 x 2 hour classes each day
  • Chapel starts at 8am on Tuesday & Thursday
  • Classes run from 9.00-1.30


Please note that timetables are subject to change term by term (and often do), but these are a great guide to help you with what to expect.

So how much does it cost?

To find out more information about our fees, click the link below.


Zion Milosia.

Lives in Rydalmere

1st year Music student

“I'm excited for C3 College at Silverwater because it makes it more accessible for all my friends out west.”


Jayden Yasar.

Lives in Girraween

2nd year Leadership student

“I'm stoked about the C3 College campus in Silverwater because it will be so much closer to home.”


Sarah Dharamdas.

Lives in Guildford

1st year Music student

“I'm excited about the campus in Silverwater because of the central location, making it easier for my friends & family to study at C3 College.”


Guy Stein.

Lives in Smithfield

1st year Leadership student

“I'm stoked about the C3 College campus in Silverwater because of the amazing facilities & location. As well as the incredible pastors & lecturers that will be there.”

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