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C3 College Scholarship Options

See below for C3 College scholarships that are on offer throughout the year.

C3 Europe Scholarship.

Heading to C3 Europe Conference this year? Thinking about stepping into something new? Apply for the C3 College scholarship by clicking the link below.

You can find out more information here.

So.ciety Scholarship.

Heading to So.ciety Conference at Hope City Sheffield in November? Why not apply for the C3 College scholarship and you could spend a year in Sydney, Australia studying Leadership & Ministry or Creative Arts.

Pursuit Scholarship.

The Pursuit is a gathering of young adults from across C3 Church Sydney, each year we give away a scholarship to a lucky attendee!

C3 Canada Scholarship.

Ready to go to C3 College?! If you're attending the C3 Canada conference, click below to apply.

Disciplemakers Scholarship.

If you're from New Zealand and attending the Disciplemakers Conference, be sure to apply for the C3 College scholarship!

Presence Tour Scholarship.

If you're someone who wants to study at C3 College make sure you click here to find out more information. **Only available for people who are attending the Presence tour.

Schools Scholarship.

In the third term of each school year we offer a scholarship to a year 12 student at either Oxford Falls Grammar School, Northern Beaches Christian School and Covenant Christian School.

You can find out more information here.