C3 College Presence Scholarship

Make the dream happen at Presence conference and apply for the scholarship below.

Presence Conference Scholarship.

C3 College is excited to give away two scholarships worth up to $8,000 to a Presence 2018 delegate to study at C3 College on campus (or via online) in either Creative Arts or Leadership Ministry; beginning July 2018 or February 2019. The scholarship covers the winner's tuition fees for one year of full-time study in either stream. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who would love to study on campus at our Oxford Falls or Silverwater campus or for people who would not be able study on campus due to their schedule or location!
**If you have previously applied for a scholarship to attend C3 College please do not refrain from applying again!**

Scholarship Options.

1. Full time on campus (valued up to $8,000)

2. Full time online (valued at $2,600)

How do I apply?

To apply, simply fill in the application form below. The winner will be announced at the Thursday evening session of Presence 2018
Scholarship closing time is 4pm on Wednesday April 25th 2018 (AEST). You will not be able to apply after this time.

Application Requirements.

  1. In order to be eligible for this scholarship you must be a full-time Presence delegate (even for the online scholarship) and be present in the Wednesday sessions.
  2. You must also have a pastoral reference submitted by 4pm on Wednesday April 25th 2018 (AEST).
  3. Creative Arts Students must submit their audition by 4pm on Wednesday April 25th 2018 (AEST).
    • You can view the audition requirements by clicking here
    • Live Auditions will not be accepted, they need to be sent through online

Final Information.

Please keep your mobile phones ON during presence so we can easily contact you and arrange an interview with you. Good luck! Once you have submitted your application in its entirety, we will contact you to arrange an interview time during presence conference.

Scholarship application form.

Please fill out the below form and submit. This form will close at 4pm on Wednesday April 25th 2018 (AEST)

Fill out my online form.