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NEW TESTAMENT intensive.

with Katie Haldane

Why come to this intensive?

We believe that in order to discover what scripture means for us, we must discover what it meant to the original audience. Paul’s letters were written for us, but not directly to us. To truly understand his message, God’s message, we need to understand the culture and context that it is being communicated in.

We want to create an opportunity for you to be equipped, so that you walk away with a greater revelation of the word of God. This won’t just be an information download, you’ll also be shown ways to study practically, to find helpful resources and information for your own future study, preaching and teaching etc.

This Intensive will be a distillation of Katie’s 10+ years of academic study and lecturing on the NT, condensed into 2 days.

Some of the content will include:

  • The first century

  • Cultural & Political relationships within the NT world

  • Roman culture

  • Family

  • Slaves

  • Greek Philosophy

  • Education

  • Class & Status

  • Judaism

  • Cultural Identity of Israel

About Katie Haldane.


Katie has been a C3 College Lecturer for 10+ years, teaching numerous courses such as New Testament Survey, Eschatology, Galatians, Romans, and Advanced Biblical Studies.

She is the founder of the Trash Your Bible (TYB) site, a book-by-book Bible Journey, and is about to launch a Bible Companion in conjunction with Bible Society, helping you engage with each book, historically, culturally, & relationally.

Katie holds a bachelor’s degree in theology & Biblical Studies and is currently pursuing her master’s in biblical studies.

When & where?

20th - 21st April 2020

C3 College, Oxford Falls campus

How much does it cost?

$440 (accredited)

$220 (non-accredited)

How do I apply?