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C3 College is committed to seeing you step into all that God has for your life. The decision to follow God's call will attract opposition, criticism and even self-doubt but it also provides meaning, purpose and fulfillment. In the past thirty-four years, we've had the privilege of watching over nine thousand students make the decision to follow what God has for them. That's more than nine thousand stories of people who refused safety and convenience and instead chose to dedicate their lives to something more. 

When we say 'more', we know it's an ambiguous description, but that's because we know that every person's journey is different. For some, more means a life of vocational ministry, for others it means getting solid theological and biblical foundations or developing the skills to express their creativity with excellence. Whatever more means for your context, you can be sure of this...God is calling you to more. He's calling you to get out of the inexperience, fears or habits that are defining you and urging you to step into His call. 

We don't assume to know what His call is specifically for you, but we do know we're committed to supporting and equipping you for this eternal journey. 

So will you step into it?



Bea Wojnar

“Initially I wanted to start college in February but I postponed my arrival to July. As you start in the middle of the year, it might seem to be a bit challenging to catch up with others but it actually wasn’t! You get to share the experience with other July intake students and when it comes to college life hacks, February students who have been there for longer, are always super helpful. The thing I love the most about college is the culture. It’s an environment where you feel welcomed, safe and encouraged in every single step you take. It also feels like I can overcome my fears and obstacles much easier than ever before as I have grown stronger in my faith and I learn to trust God more and more every single day.”


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Ashleigh Meyer

“Starting as a July intake was exciting and thrilling as I wasn't sure what to expect considering people had started the year already. I was a bit nervous about coming into an already established group and a course that was mid-way through, BUT I was so wrong as I discovered that the C3 College culture and students are so welcoming, loving and accepting. Also the course was a bit full on at first, but lecturers and students are willing to help get you up to speed with great support. I actually love being a mid-year as I have had the opportunity to meet two friend groups; one as we start in July, and the new intake in March, so there is more opportunity to make more friends from all over the world.”

Ken Darma

"There is no doubt that July intakes (AKA mid-years) see the world differently to February intakes. From making a half-time appearance in the middle of a one-year course, to confusion as to how the “6 month” dating rule actually works - the journey of a July intake is both challenging yet rewarding. The perks include getting to know more people on campus (as February intakes leave and a new batch enters), receiving so much grace from teachers and fellow students with adjusting to College (as you learn terms 3&4 content before terms 1&2) and my favourite; the opportunity to save more money over Christmas break to pay for fees! Also, the End of Year Dinner felt like a big celebration for only completing 50% of the journey; I claimed and enjoyed the moment anyway. If you like making lots of friends, are organised and a fast-learner, then you’ll certainly go well as a July intake."

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Marthe Johannessen

“Being a July intake student has been interesting as I came from a country where school usually starts in August. Even though it had its challenges, being thrown into the deep end in classes with my major work etc., I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. There has never been a dull moment and every day has been exciting! I love being a July intake. You also get to share 1st year with both the graduating February intakes and the incoming February intakes the following year. Though it’s a bit sad to say goodbye to the graduates, you get to know so many lovely people. Not going to lie, seeing how close people were already was a bit intimidating to begin with, but it loosened quickly, as my classmates were amazingly welcoming, warm and interested in getting to know me as well as I was them. I have now made friends for life, and am thankful to God for being a July intake.”


Creative Arts.

Our technical, practical and spiritual approach to training will develop you into a brilliant and holistic creative. We produce musicians, artists, vocalists, film makers, designers, song writers, actors and sound & production technicians who are excellent in their craft, exemplary in character and full of the presence of God.

Leadership & Ministry.

Some of us are called to step into planting churches, preaching to the multitudes, winning souls for Christ, releasing the healing power of God or pastoring His people. If this is God's call for you, C3 College’s leadership and ministry course is the premium training experience to prepare you.


When your schedule or location restricts you but you’re not willing to let it stop you. Our online course is one of our most versatile ways to help you develop your understanding of leadership and theology.
This course is brilliant for people who want to study but are restricted by their schedule or location.


Full Time.

Ready to jump straight in?! Study at C3 College full time and complete one, two or three years, in any course. This is for those who are keen to immerse themselves into all that C3 College has to offer.

Part Time.

Part time study is for those who need a bit more time and space for other commitments like work and family. You can still complete C3 College with a qualification, it’ll just take a bit longer.

Accredited or Non-Accredited.

Non-accredited study offers you more control and flexibility; you might choose this option if accreditation is not a high priority and if you’re looking for cost effective but high quality training.

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