by Abner Oliveira, Stuart Henry, Marvel Ebiwari, Elijah Hewitt & Carole Ibaa


by Caleb Gonzalez, Rachelle-Anne Baker, Christina Bradford, Matt MacKay, Millie Roslin & Ben Saler

'The Chamber'

by Abner Oliveira

'The Passion Project'

by Christie Pannell

Christine Pannell studied three years of Vocals & Worship Leading at C3 College. The Passion Project was produced, co-directed and choral directed by Christie, a voice teacher and choral director from Instrumental Music School Services. The music clip was created to raise awareness about youth suicide and mental health statistics and was released for Western Australia Mental Health Week

“I am a graduate of C3 College and while I was there I was taught how to dream big. I still remember a video the principal played for us during orientation of U2 singing "Where the Streets Have No Name", followed by Bono leading his massive audience in worship. That sparked something inside of me. Here was this man of influence humbly and subtly using his platform to lead people to a place of enlightenment. God was all wrapped up in that moment, and collectively, their hearts would have recognised this without them really knowing. 

I honestly don't believe I would have dreamt of this if I hadn't attended C3 College. God and creativity reaches beyond the boarders of church and can be found in the most humble and unexpected places.”