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Sarah Dharamdas.

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My encounter with God was a gradual process during College. I remember I wrote in a prayer journal two years ago, praying about contemplations to quit work so that I could study full time, praying that I find a great man of God to be with, work for the church, learn about God more in college, and praying that I would build a great worship team in my church. Those things at the time were what was heavy in my heart. I didn’t write in that journal since then. Two years later, during School of the Holy Spirit class, we were told to write a list of everything that we are thankful for. As I wrote this list, I realised that everything that I wrote, God provided without me even realising it! I’m studying full time in college, I’m in a relationship with an amazing man, I work for C3 Cares, I now have more knowledge and feel more spiritually fed in college and the worship team in my church grew from one person to a full band. Even when you feel God isn’t there or He doesn’t hear you, He never lets you down. He goes above and beyond for you. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” [Prov 3:5-6]