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Roxanne Heng.

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Encountering God for me is like breathing, it is an everyday thing; be it in college or outside of college. I think C3 College has created such a safe and open space for us to move in the Spirit. At college I have learned practically how to encounter the Holy Spirit and as I’ve begun to understand the characteristics of God, it has helped me to identify the voice of the Holy Spirit. This has aided me in understanding my gifts and has opened me up to be led multiple times to pray for my friends. Throughout these two years, one of the things I have learnt is be still. As simple as it sounds, I used to struggle with silence. But I have come to a revelation that He is the Prince of Peace and when His peace is with me, there is nothing I have worry about. I also love that I can encounter Him in the area of worship leading, which not many people have the chance to do. I feel honoured I get to lead people into the presence of God and an atmosphere of worship, while receiving from God what He has to say to the people and expressing it to them in obedience.