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Marthe Johannessen.

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I’ve been doing college for over a year now, and leading up to college, I had very little experience of God, or at least so I thought. I was not tuned into the Holy Spirit, I didn’t really know how to hear His voice over my own thoughts, and I wasn’t sure if He was actually there for me or if He was even real. But coming to college created such a safe space for me, to ask all the hard questions, learn to tune in and listen, trust and lean on Him and learn to hear the difference between the many competing voices that our minds are exposed to. God has been nothing but gentle and loving and always assures me that He is for me and is very real. One revelation He has given me, and one that I wake up every day saying, is; He is the King of my heart. If I ever doubt Him or fear to trust Him, He reminds me of who holds my heart. He created it and reminds me that He knows how to treat the very heart He created. The Christian life is a never-ending trust journey and I could not be more pleased to say that going to college has been the most vital, scary and freeing thing I have ever done in my life. This college is such a catalyst for the future and creates space for God to truly build and shape you into the person you were always meant to become.