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Israel Cook.

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I came to college as an act of faith and obedience. From day one, I made up my mind that for however long I was going to be at college I was going to go all in, soak it all up, grow closer to God, learn as much as I possibly can about Him, and learn about the gifts He has given me. Personally, it hasn’t been hard having moments of encounter with God at college as I have tried to keep that hunger and expectancy to encounter Him every day. My wife, 3 children and I moved to Sydney from New Zealand in January, so it’s also been not just a hunger and expectation that God moves in my life but also in the rest of my family’s lives. I’ve been very intentional about my classes and what is going to really push me, and God has done exceedingly more than I had imagined! He is so good and always faithful. I would encourage anyone else at college or considering coming to college that God honours and breathes on what you put in. It comes down to what posture you’re walking in. What an incredible opportunity we have being at college daily, learning more about God through anointed leaders and pastors. It’s a time where we lay it all down and surrender completely to His will. The more I trust in Him, the more open and surrendered I have become and we allow His perfect plans to be worked out in and through us. He knows our plans - trust the process. Is it at times scary and uncomfortable? Yes, extremely! But it’s so worth it!