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Paul Guyder

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I have encountered God so much this year at C3 College, and it is hard to pin point one moment of encounter! But during my time of serving at C3 Australia Conference, Pastor Jurgen Matthesius was speaking and prophesying healing over the congregation, and in that moment a life long heel injury I have had, stopped hurting and I was pain free! In that moment God spoke to me and said while my foot heals, start expanding your horizons because you are going to need both heels for this! I don't know what is coming up or what God has planned, but I encountered His healing touch, and I am so ready for this journey God is walking through with me!

Celine Mathe

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C3 college has heightened my relationship with God and developed me as person. I used to lack confidence and be quite a timid person, and I never really knew why I would respond like that in situations. One day after a college class, I decided to go for a walk up Mt Majura and read my bible and spend some time with God. I asked Him to reveal to me the roots of my problems. In that moment, I felt God say that He wanted me to call my friend and see how she was. So I did, and as I was speaking to her, siting on a mountain all alone with my Bible, I began to sob intensely. We discussed issues that I never considered to be the source of my broken identity. She then encouraged me and that conversation was so influential that it has shifted how I act and how I respond to situations ever since. My friend spoke into my life what God intended for me. After our call, I prayed that God would heal me from my past experiences and I felt such an overwhelming presence of love. He met me in my brokeness and healed what caused me to be held back.

Roxanne Heng.

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Encountering God for me is like breathing, it is an everyday thing; be it in college or outside of college. I think C3 College has created such a safe and open space for us to move in the Spirit. At college I have learned practically how to encounter the Holy Spirit and as I’ve begun to understand the characteristics of God, it has helped me to identify the voice of the Holy Spirit. This has aided me in understanding my gifts and has opened me up to be led multiple times to pray for my friends. Throughout these two years, one of the things I have learnt is be still. As simple as it sounds, I used to struggle with silence. But I have come to a revelation that He is the Prince of Peace and when His peace is with me, there is nothing I have worry about. I also love that I can encounter Him in the area of worship leading, which not many people have the chance to do. I feel honoured I get to lead people into the presence of God and an atmosphere of worship, while receiving from God what He has to say to the people and expressing it to them in obedience.

Israel Cook.

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I came to college as an act of faith and obedience. From day one, I made up my mind that for however long I was going to be at college I was going to go all in, soak it all up, grow closer to God, learn as much as I possibly can about Him, and learn about the gifts He has given me. Personally, it hasn’t been hard having moments of encounter with God at college as I have tried to keep that hunger and expectancy to encounter Him every day. My wife, 3 children and I moved to Sydney from New Zealand in January, so it’s also been not just a hunger and expectation that God moves in my life but also in the rest of my family’s lives. I’ve been very intentional about my classes and what is going to really push me, and God has done exceedingly more than I had imagined! He is so good and always faithful. I would encourage anyone else at college or considering coming to college that God honours and breathes on what you put in. It comes down to what posture you’re walking in. What an incredible opportunity we have being at college daily, learning more about God through anointed leaders and pastors. It’s a time where we lay it all down and surrender completely to His will. The more I trust in Him, the more open and surrendered I have become and we allow His perfect plans to be worked out in and through us. He knows our plans - trust the process. Is it at times scary and uncomfortable? Yes, extremely! But it’s so worth it!

Marthe Johannessen.

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I’ve been doing college for over a year now, and leading up to college, I had very little experience of God, or at least so I thought. I was not tuned into the Holy Spirit, I didn’t really know how to hear His voice over my own thoughts, and I wasn’t sure if He was actually there for me or if He was even real. But coming to college created such a safe space for me, to ask all the hard questions, learn to tune in and listen, trust and lean on Him and learn to hear the difference between the many competing voices that our minds are exposed to. God has been nothing but gentle and loving and always assures me that He is for me and is very real. One revelation He has given me, and one that I wake up every day saying, is; He is the King of my heart. If I ever doubt Him or fear to trust Him, He reminds me of who holds my heart. He created it and reminds me that He knows how to treat the very heart He created. The Christian life is a never-ending trust journey and I could not be more pleased to say that going to college has been the most vital, scary and freeing thing I have ever done in my life. This college is such a catalyst for the future and creates space for God to truly build and shape you into the person you were always meant to become.

Sarah Dharamdas.

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My encounter with God was a gradual process during College. I remember I wrote in a prayer journal two years ago, praying about contemplations to quit work so that I could study full time, praying that I find a great man of God to be with, work for the church, learn about God more in college, and praying that I would build a great worship team in my church. Those things at the time were what was heavy in my heart. I didn’t write in that journal since then. Two years later, during School of the Holy Spirit class, we were told to write a list of everything that we are thankful for. As I wrote this list, I realised that everything that I wrote, God provided without me even realising it! I’m studying full time in college, I’m in a relationship with an amazing man, I work for C3 Cares, I now have more knowledge and feel more spiritually fed in college and the worship team in my church grew from one person to a full band. Even when you feel God isn’t there or He doesn’t hear you, He never lets you down. He goes above and beyond for you. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” [Prov 3:5-6]