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Collaborâte with Hannah Clark & Jacob Leung

collaborâte - Jacob Leung





Today we'll be interviewing Hannah Clark (Graduate of our Film & Graphic Design Course in 2015) & Jacob Leung (Events director at C3 Church). We're featuring them on our blog today for their collaboration on a filming project for Jacob Food, which is Jacob's food styling business. 

Tell us about yourself.

What do you do for work?

Hannah Clark (HC): I'm a film editor at for C3 Church Creative, a great team of about 5 of us on staff working in film. I also have my own freelancer in film production.

Jacob Leung (JL): Primarily, I am the Event Director at C3 Church but I'm also freelance food stylist and recipe developer.

What's the dream for you?

HC: The dream is to be a full-time film director (primarily for documentaries), but I also want to get into big time investing, and eventually be a resort owner.

JL: An international cooking show!

Let's talk about creativity and collaboration.

Why is collaborating important to you?

HC: Collaborating is important as it opens your eyes to all forms of creativity, whilst being able to celebrate each other’s differences. 
I love seeing other creatives working in their element and being amazed at their talent. Coming together it can produce something magical!

JL: Collaborating for me opens up many new possibilities and stretches my mind into the realms of creativity. The collaborative process can be more work, time consuming and frustrating but the final product is always much better!

How has working with friends who are creative helped you?

HC: It has helped me open my eyes to other forms of creativity that is not film, and you can cover each other’s weaknesses.

JL: My skill set of presenting to camera and styling is obviously quite niche so working with friends is always so much fun. Their honesty is always much appreciated from telling me that the "food needs something more" to “Jacob stop saying “Delicious!”. Besides this, it's such a fun experience when shooting!

Have you ever felt your creativity made you feel isolated or different or misunderstood?

HC: Yes, definitely! There are many times where I’ve felt like I’ve had to do it all by myself, which can feel stressful.

JL: Yes! However, I am in control of my creativity, creativity is not in control of me. I use my creativity in every day to day life. I am different and unique, that’s what makes my creativity original. My originality is a gift! 

Have you found ways to overcome that feeling?

HC:  Not being afraid to ask for help is something I have come to terms with especially in my creative life. And it just happens to be that the right person at the right time will turn up to get the job done! Surrounding myself with lots of friends who work in the film industry majorly helps you to not feel isolated. And luckily they are some of my best friends, so it’s easy to ask for help!

Let's talk about the project you worked on.

What was the process?

JLWell myself, Hannah, Char and Tim are all great friends, super creative, love food and adventures – we are also very spontaneous. We talked about how fun it would be to go somewhere together and do some Jacob Food filming. Within the next few days our flights were booked, accommodation sorted and a tour of Tasmania was arranged!

What were the challenges?

JLWeather was a challenge but hey, when you’re cooking on a secluded beach and it starts to rain we just go with it. Nothing is perfect and I love that as it makes it relatable! Another challenge is making sure the team don’t eat all my props till after we get the shot!

How did collaborating help you reach a final product?

JLWe all had specific roles on the shoot and it was so easy as we all just got in and completed what we had to do. After each wrap we could come together and show each other’s work! Such a fun a process!

HC: Jacob obviously took care of all the food and styling; Charlotte and her incredible photography skills looked after taking great photos for content. And I took care of all the film side of things, including teaching Tim Exton how to do audio (which he nailed)! So together we got it done.

Thanks for reading.

#Collaborâte is an initiative of C3 College. Our aim is to increase the appreciation of collaboration and community in the creative process because sometimes the genius we need is locked up in the relationships we have.

We’ve seen that a lot in our C3 College creative arts courses, and if you’re considering using your creativity for Godly purposes, we’d recommend you spend some time studying with us.

Also, if you’d like to see C3 College students exploring collaboration in performance, we’d like to invite you to Space (a collection of creative works) on November 25/26. Click here for more details.