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Collaborâte - 3 tips for working with other creatives - Felicity Farncomb

collaborâte - Felicity Farncomb


with Felicity Farncomb

Welcome back to the #Collaborâte blog. We're continuing our interview with Felicity Farncomb. She's currently working as senior graphic designer at the highly esteemed Sydney branding agency, Smack Bang Designs.

What are your three tips for working with other creatives?

1. Accept how they work and deal with it
Some people will work in a way you don’t like. Maybe they rather chat on the phone than email, or work really late at night rather than 9-5. Accepting that people create work in different way to you and being ok to work around them is key to collaborating.

2. Have a clear brief and clear outcomes for each of you to meet
Have a common vision. Knowing what the end goal is, and what each of you need to do to make that happen is key. It then allows you to each work in your own way knowing that at the end of the day, it’ll get done.

3. Champion and encourage each other! 
Nothing ends well that isn’t done in love. Give each other high-fives throughout the processes and have a party together at the end.

Let's talk more about creativity and collaboration.

We asked you to choose a recent project of yours that you collaborated on. Tell us about the project we are featuring. What was your process for creating it?

The project is ‘Nakula’.

The Process:

After initial meetings, we went into research mode. This meant looking at the competitors, where the product sits on the shelf etc.

Following this was moodboarding to lock down and look and feel.

Once approved, we moved onto the logo update and then packaging.

Overall, a really smooth project where each phase was streamline and uncomplicated.

What were the challenges?

The challenge was maintaining some brand recognition, while totally re-doing the logo and packaging. We did it by keeping the colour palette in similar tones, and using the existing logo typeface for the logo facelift.

How did collaborating help you reach the final product?

Collaborating doesn’t just have to be between creatives, I think it’s also between creative and client. This project was definitely a collaboration with the Nakula team, if they didn't set up clear expectations, then I wouldn't have been able to meet them. They were also awesome and open to any new ideas or thoughts I had, which made for a really successful project (concept was chosen from round 1 with no amendments! Glory!)

Thanks for reading.

#Collaborâte is an initiative of C3 College. Our aim is to increase the appreciation of collaboration and community in the creative process because sometimes the genius we need is locked up in the relationships we have.

We’ve seen that a lot in our C3 College creative arts courses, and if you’re considering using your creativity for Godly purposes, we’d recommend you spend some time studying with us.

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