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Collaborâte - 3 tips for working with other creatives - Charlotte Exton & Maisie Nevin

collaborâte - maisie nevin










with Charlotte Exton & Maisie Nevin

Today we'll be interviewing Charlotte Exton (Graduate of our Leadership & Ministry course in 2014) & Maisie Nevin (Graduate of our Leadership & Ministry course in 2016). We're featuring them on our blog today for their collaboration in photography. 

What are your three tips for working with other creatives?

1. Know your role on the project
Because as we said this will constantly change and it just gets awkward if no one knows who’s doing what. 
2. Be intentional about learning how the other creative operates
This will only benefit your project
3. Build a relationship with them, treat them how you’d want to be treated
Collaboration opens up so many doors especially in building relationships, and treating them with the utmost respect and honour will reflect in their attitude towards you and also the work they produce. 

Thanks for reading.

#Collaborâte is an initiative of C3 College. Our aim is to increase the appreciation of collaboration and community in the creative process because sometimes the genius we need is locked up in the relationships we have.

We’ve seen that a lot in our C3 College creative arts courses, and if you’re considering using your creativity for Godly purposes, we’d recommend you spend some time studying with us.

Also, if you’d like to see C3 College students exploring collaboration in performance, we’d like to invite you to Space (a collection of creative works) on November 25/26. Click here for more details.