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online course.


When your schedule or location restricts you but you’re not willing to let it stop you.

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"Building churches and building people."

The underlying heartbeat of this course is to help build churches and build people. This course is brilliant for people who want to study but are restricted by their schedule or location but are passionate about studying Christian theology, leadership and ministry.

C3 College's online course offers premium and government-accredited teaching in Christian theology, leadership and ministry at either Certificate IV or Diploma level (more details on accreditation below). If you’re looking to grow in your knowledge of the bible, ministry experience or in the skills and character needed to best live the Christian life and join our online student community (numbering over 4,000 students) this course is definitely for you.


how studying online works.


1. Use our online learning platform

C3 College uses its own online learning platform for you to download and view all your learning material. Our classes are all available view in HD video. This online platform is also where you will be able to view and submit your assessments.


2. Study at your own pace

You’re in control of when you work. This enables you to fit your study around your busy or rigid schedule. Some people choose to study one subject per term, others can handle three! You'll love the freedom and flexibility you have studying theology online with C3 College.


3. Talk with your online tutor

Sometimes you won’t know the answer, or will want more clarity on what’s being taught. That’s OK. We have an online tutor to help talk you through assignments and course content so that your understanding of theology and ministry will be comprehensive. Your tutor will be contactable over email and will respond within 24 hours to help enhance your online theology study experience.


4. Watch studio produced video content

Our high quality studio produced video content is unmatched for online courses in adult education. This provides students with the opportunity to be visually engaged in their studies.


5. Experience official and accredited training

The course is a government-accredited and approved course; therefore you can be confident that your education with C3 College Online will be legitimate and excellent. You will also be provided with comprehensive and excellent course training material.




Got a busy schedule? Looking after the kids? Don’t have a car? We want to make life easy for you. No matter what situation you find yourself in, we reckon you can #studyanywhere with C3 College Online. In your favourite café with coffee on tap? Yes please. Playing in the park with your kids? Sure, why not. While you’re going for a surf? You could try... We want to show you, that you can study literally anywhere.


study one or two years at your own pace.

First year.

10742NAT / Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology

A foundational year that equips you to serve in your local church or as a minister in the professional world.

The course is designed so that you can immediately apply what you've learnt to your life and ministry. It is practical, inspiring, challenging and will leave you with a greater understanding of God and your purpose as you follow Him. It will also give you tools to live a life that is successful and God glorifying.

Who is this course for?

Anyone. We mean it. This course is the most popular course at C3 College and that's because it's the most suitable course for most people. It's helpful and beneficial for everyone. Whether you feel called to vocational ministry or just want to grow in your knowledge of God and develop your character, this course will help you. 

Give me the facts.

Here's a quick break down of the first year:

  • 4 terms of classes

  • Approximately 4 hours of study time required per subject, per week (so approx 12 hours per week for full time)

  • You're also required to serve 3 hours of internship per week (in your own Church)

Second year.

10743NAT / Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

A course that focuses on empowering you for effective service in your local church and studies key leadership and theology subjects in further depth.

Who is this course for?

For any leader who is passionate about becoming a secure, spirit-filled and faithful leaders in ministry. The second year course takes a deeper look at biblical studies, Christian ethics and advanced leadership principles.

Note, we are releasing 3 subjects per year for our second year online course (with all subjects available by 2019). As of 2017, 3 subjects will be available.

Give me the facts.

A quick break down of the second year online course

  • 4 terms of classes

  • Approximately 4 hours of study time required per subject, per week (so approx 12 hours per week for full time)

  • You're also required to serve 5 hours of internship per week (in your own church)

So how much does it cost?

To find out more information about our fees which change from year to year, click the link below.

So how many years should I study?

It's a good question. One that we don't recommend making without chatting to us. Luckily we love having a chat. Whether it's extravagant conversations, like how we can be involved in making your dream happen or discussions with more detailed, administrative queries, like figuring out the best schedule for you. Whatever questions you have, we want to talk them through with you.

subjects & timetables

Subjects you'll study will include:

Leadership 1 / Bible Interpretation / New Testament 1 

Identity in Christ / New Testament 2 / Leadership 2

Old Testament 1 / Christian Doctrine 1 / Faith

Christian Doctrine 2 / Old Testament 2 / Moving in the Spirit

Advanced Discipleship Principles / Church History / Kingdom Relationships

Preaching & Ministry Essentials / Book of Isaiah / Prayer / Pastoral Care

Doctrine of Salvation / Book of Romans / Christian Ethics & Morality


Please note that timetables are subject to change term by term (and often do), but these are a great guide to help you with what to expect.

accreditation & applications

C3 College operates as a division of C3 Church Sydney Ltd, an ASQA Federally registered training provider (RTO #6292; CRICOS Provider Number 01880K) and students accepted into the programs may be eligible for Austudy/Youth Allowance and International Student Visas. Essentially this means we are legit, fully accredited and if you are an Australian studying with us, you may qualify for student benefits from the Australian government.


1 year full-time equivalent
Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology (10742NAT)

2 years full-time (year 1 above or equivalent, plus 1 additional year)
Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology (10743NAT)

To know more details about our accreditation click here. 

Application requirements.

The beauty of our first year leadership course is that you can enroll at the beginning of every term (4 terms per year). Though typically, our primary intakes are February & July each year.

For online students, we need you to:

→ Apply online
→ Send this online pastoral reference to your pastor

Once we have received these important documents, your application is then reviewed by C3 College’s executive board for approval.
If approved, you will receive a letter of offer from us congratulating you on your successful application and what your next steps will be in your journey towards becoming a c3 college student.


Ps. Tony Rainbow.

Ps. Tony Rainbow is the Senior Pastor at Victory Church in Adelaide, alongside his wife Kath. Victory Church have partnered with C3 College, to deliver our fully accredited online courses in Leadership & Ministry as training and development for their church interns. They also run a weekly study group for anyone wanting to complete study gradually on a part-time basis. In this testimonial, he talks about why they chose C3 College Online for their church bible college.

we're here to help

How annoying is it to have to sort through all sorts of irrelevant administration and information on most college and university websites? We don't want you to go through that pain, so we're here to help! Click the button below to talk to us and you'll be personally contacted by our Student Liaison. They will then give you answers and information that you actually want and need. You're important to us and we're here to help you make informed decisions.