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C3 College - BLOG SERIES.




September 2019

At C3 College we believe that moments of encounter with God are so important. Whether they are seemingly small moments in our daily time with God, or whether they are life changing moments that become turning points in our journey, moments of encounter take us deeper, challenge us and encourage us to keep moving. Without moments of encounter, our walk with God can become more about religion and less about relationship.


You Never Regret.


December 2018

Our students share why coming to C3 College is something that you’ll never regret.


Step Into.


July 2018

The decision to follow God's call for your life will attract opposition, criticism and even self-doubt but it also provides meaning, purpose and fulfilment. You just need to step into it. We invite you to read these stories from some of our students who resolved to step into more for their life, no matter what the cost. As you read these stories, ask yourself the question, what is God calling me to step into? 


From Dark to Light From Death to Life.


March 2018

Easter weekend reminds us of all that God has done for us through Christ Jesus, specifically, He has taken us from darkness to light and from death to life. In the lead up to Easter, we’ll be exploring the realities of what Jesus has done for us through poetry and photography. We hope you’ll be encouraged during this time.



November 2017

A series of interviews with graduates and friends of C3 College. We're firm believers that creativity works best in community, so we've selected a bunch of creatives connected to the C3 College community to learn from their experiences. Our hope is that these blogs will be useful to you (or a friend) as you continue on your creative journey.





August 2017

The idea of God speaking can cause a lot of pain for people. Mainly because of the disappointment that comes when they strive to hear from God and nothing happens. Then there are others who feel completely confident that God will speak to them. There’s obviously so much complexity to hearing God speak, which leaves a lot of questions.
What does it mean to hear God speak? Why don’t we always hear from God? Why do some people find it so easy to hear God’s voice and others so difficult? #Spêak is a series of blog posts from C3 College students who are on this journey of discovery.