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Bible society.

Project Lebanon.

This year, C3 College students will be raising funds in various ways to support Bible Society's work in Lebanon. While C3 College students get to study the word of God every day, they recognise not everybody has the same opportunity and want to play their part in helping others have access to the scriptures and God's love.

About the Project.

“War in Syria is in its seventh year. Life is on hold for young refugees; they live in refugee camps, don’t go to school, and fight invisible battles with isolation, anxiety and desperation. Their futures are slipping through their fingers.

Our Bible Society colleagues in Lebanon are ready to start a literacy class in refugee camps across the country, to teach illiterate teens to read and write. These teenagers will go to class several times a week, giving them structure and routine. They will learn a vital life skill and take a step towards gaining access into the local school system. Most importantly, these teens will meet Jesus – because in every lesson they’ll learn to read from the Bible.

Imagine the difference God’s word could make to these teens, as they discover the joy and purpose of life with Christ. But these literacy classes need funding. It costs $48 to teach one young refugee to read and write. These forgotten teens are relying on your generosity to bring these classes to their refugee camp. Please, will you help us give young refugees a future by teaching them to read, and providing them with God’s word? A gift of:

$48 will teach a young refugee to read in a Bible-based literacy class.

$84 will equip 12 literacy students with Scripture to help life move forward again.

$150 will set up a Bible-based literacy class with a whiteboard, markers and stationery

Your fundraising efforts can transform the lives of young refugees.”