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C3 College Accelerated

There are too many topics that Christians need training and support in that are not being addressed. We want to change that. We're going to change that. C3 College Accelerated is a online training service that exists to provide churches and Christians with the bare bones required to enable them to reach their ministry goals.

The goal of Accelerated is to provide training that meets specific needs, rather than provide broad brushstrokes. We want to give you the bare bone necessities on niche areas.

We're making it convenient to learn the crucial lessons. No jumping through hoops, no all nighters on papers and exams, just clear, concise and relevant learning material, for you to study at your own pace.


Why Choose An Accelerated Course?


Time Efficient

Pressed for time and can't commit to an accredited program of study? Accelerated courses are typically only 4x45 minute sessions delivering you the minimum effective dose on your chosen topic. 

Expert quality

Don't mistake the shortened sessions for a skimping of quality. We've selected experts in their field with a proven track record on their chosen topic. You're getting the expert quality training.

Cost effective

The benefit of not needing to jump through legislative hoops means we can reduce the cost per program and thus reduce the charge for you. Each topic is only $70.

Practical content

Training designed to give you skills, techniques and ideas that can be immediately applied to your context. 


How does it work?

1.Choose a module

A module typically consists of 3 different topics. You do not need to purchase every topic, only the one(s) that is relevant to you.

2.Choose your topic

Each topic focuses on a specific need, challenge or issue that you want training on.

3.Purchase your desired topic/module

The beauty of Accelerated is that you don't need to choose topics you don't need to purchase material that isn't relevant to your desired focus

4.Create Your login

When you choose to purchase at the bottom of this page you will be redirected to our online platform that hosts the lessons. You can pay and create a login on this platform. 

5. Start Watching

Once you have purchased and agreed to or terms and conditions you are able to view your topic and begin viewing and downloading the invaluable wisdom of our trainers. Please note: Training will not be available until October 26th.

Modules available

Church Planting & Location STARTING

This module consists of three topics and is designed with the needs of church planters and location starters in mind. 

For Planters

4 bite size lessons designed to equip people who are going to be the senior pastor of a church plant or the pastor responsible for pioneering a new campus, extension service or location. 


Lessons & Trainers

Choosing the right model
Mark Kelsey

Being a followable leader
Pat Antcliff

Pitfalls to prepare for from a new church planter's perspective
James Murray

Building momentum and training leaders
Josh Kelsey

For Teams

The experience for a team member is very different to that of a senior pastor. Here's 4 hours of excellent content to help be an invaluable team member on a plant or new location.

Lessons & Trainers

How to follow a leader
Pat Antcliff

How to carry the culture for your leader
James Murray

Building teams
Jake Betlem

What to expect in the first couple of years (team perspective)
Pam Borrow


There's stacks of resources out there for people being sent, but what about the senders? Here's 4 lessons for senior pastors who are looking to start new locations or send church planters. Make it a win for the person you are sending and for your church.

Lessons & Trainers

Choosing a multi-site team
Dave Gilpin

Creating a multi-site culture
Dave Gilpin

The campus pastor make up
Hartley and Natalie Taylor

Choosing the right model
Mark Kelsey


Per Topic

Topics are only $70 per person.

The BunDle

Want to upskill in few areas? Purchase three topics at once and we will bundle the pricing for you at $180. That's gives you 15% off an already affordable service.


Ready to accelerate your learning? Click the button below to purchase a C3 College Accelerated topic. You'll have the option to choose which topics you'd like to purchase on the next page. You will be redirected to our online platform to choose your topic and create a username.

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