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C3 Night college

Are you someone who would love to study at C3 College but can’t find time in your schedule to attend classes during the day?
Well fret not, you no longer have to miss out. C3 College are now offering our accredited training on Monday nights at C3 Oxford Falls & C3 Silverwater.

C3 Night College has a relaxed, community feel whilst still offering accredited learning with online resources, video messages, quality trainers & facilitators and top of the line learning resources. Night College is designed for people who want to study C3 College courses but are unable to come to College during the day. It allows you to still work full time and study. This course is also perfect for full time parents with small children.

Students studying the accredited option on Monday nights will also have access to an online tutor who they can email throughout the week with questions regarding the content studied. This is to help enhance your understanding of the learning material.

Night College is a wonderful community of people who go on a journey together, people who are committed to study and committed to their full time occupation. We frequently have connect groups study at Night College together which enriches their community of faith.

If studying on Monday nights with us is something that interests you, then check out the term dates, fees and subjects below.
If you have any questions, then make sure you contact us by filling out the form below.

When: Monday Nights (Term 1 starts on Monday 13th February 2017, so apply now!)
Time: 7pm – 9.30 pm
Where: C3 Church (Oxford Falls and Silverwater Campuses)
Discount: Apply 50% off for Centrelink pension card holders.


2016 Timetable will follow Line 2 of the Online College timetable.

Term Dates For 2017

Term 1: 
13th February - 3rd April

New Testament Survey 1 – Gospels, Acts and Non Pauline Epistles
Brett Barclay teaching
(Note – Oxford Falls students who have completed this course in previous years can choose to study Leadership 1 instead)

Term 2:
1st May - 26th June

New Testament Survey 2 – Pauline Epistles
Brett Barclay teaching

Term 3:
17th July - 4th September
Moving in the Spirit
Pastor Phil Pringle teaching

Term 4:
25th September - 20th November
Pastor Phil Pringle

Fees - Accredited Study

The fee schedule will reflect the same prices as our C3 College Online course (Certificate IV) in Christian Ministry & Theology.
The details are available here: C3 Online College Fees
For your convenience, we have outlined the fee schedule:

Application Fee: $150 (One off fee. Required to begin all accredited study)
Cost Per Subject/Term: $195 (Since Night College only offers one subject per term, this becomes the per-term cost)

Fees - Non-Accredited Study

Every year we have students who are more interested in studying in community rather than receiving accreditation. We are pleased to inform you that our non-accredited study options will still be available on Monday nights. You will study the same content, but will not receive accreditation for your studies.

There is no application fee for non-accredited study.
Cost Per Subject/Term: $95 (Since Night College only offers one subject per term, this becomes the per-term cost)

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